Swirl nails 2023 trends – fabulous abstract manicure ideas to try this spring

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Spring will be here soon and it is time to look for nail art ideas that will be trending this season. Are you ready to go for lighter and brighter colors? So are we! If there’s one thing we’ll be seeing a lot of on nails during the warmer months, it’s the different wave shapes. Swirl nails 2023 trends stand out in the plethora of ideas and there is no doubt that they are really worth trying. And what is the best? This nail design is super easy to do at home even if you are not skilled at drawing.

What are swirl nails?

What nail polish color to choose for your swirl nails

Some people call this nail design psychedelic, while others refer to it as “abstract” because of the colorful waves and spirals. Despite the fact that this nail art is retro-inspired, swirl nails 2023 trends allow you to create an individual design adapted to your personality and style.

What are swirl nails trendy manicure ideas


The main features of swirl nails are negative space and minimal graphics. The manicure can be done in one or more colors, all over the nail, across the middle or diagonally, even on the tip. And the good news? You do not have to be careful and draw a straight line as with French manicure. You are free to create a masterpiece of your own and give the swirls any abstract shape.

Swirl nails 2023 trends for all nail shapes and women of all ages

blue swirl nails spring 2023 trends manicure ideas

What is the best about swirl nails 2023 trends? This nail art suit every women regardless of their age. The manicure looks especially good on long almond-shaped nails because the swirls and soft lines emphasize their shape very successfully. You think that this design is not suitable for short nails? On the contrary, swirl nails look equally good on all nail lengths and shapes!

Swirl nails 2023 trends for all nail shapes

You can combine the swirls with other designs. For example, one of the most popular versions is the combination between French manicure and swirl nail art. Do you prefer a rainbow style pattern? No problem! Simply combine bright or pastel rainbow colors!

Are you a fan of minimalistic nail designs? Great! This means that swirl nail art is for you too! Use just one color on a clear base and draw just a few tiny swirls to get a very subtle look.

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What nail polish color to choose for your swirl nails?

nail art trends spring 2023 swirl nail design ideas

This manicure can be done in any color. Pastel shades as well as bright neon tones are ideal for the warm months while darker shades are suitable for the fall-winter season. The swirls can also be combined with all the colors of the rainbow.

elegant swirl nail art design ideas gold glitter

Shiny accents will complement the design. Adding a touch of glitter will add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your manicure and you can wear it on festive occasions or evening parties. Silver sequins are suitable for cold shades of nail polish while gold works perfectly with warm ones.

How to do swirl nails at home?

pastel swirls nail trends 2023 ideas

Groomed hands with a beautiful nail design give the appearance a complete look. It is important to choose the right color of nail polish. When it comes to swirl nails 2023 trends, you can keep to the negative space version which is done with a neutral or clear base or opt for a base color of your choice. You can easily do your nails at home. What you need for this design is to select one (or more) colors and a thin nail brush. If you do not have a thin brush, use a toothpick and dip it into the polish or use an old brush and trim with scissors to make it thinner.

swirl nail art on short nails

Here is how to do swirl nails:

  • Cut your nails to the preferred length, file them in the desired shape and push the cuticles.
  • Apply a base coat, transparent or any other color, preferably neutral or nude. If necessary, repeat with a second coat base nail polish.
  • Paint the swirls using a thin brush.
  • Apply a top coat and you’re done!


How to do swirl nails at home

Swirl nail art on short nails

DIY swirl nails instructions

Red and orange swirl nails design for Spring

pink and orange nail art abstract nail designs

Beautiful nail design in blue and white

stylish nail art swirl nails 2023 trends white and lavender color

Feminine and elegant manicure

Swirl nails 2023 trends fabulous abstract manicure ideas to try this spring


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