The Bedroom Hair: What is the new trendy hairstyle at the moment?

Written by Anjelina Ivanov

It’s been two years now that glamorous, puffy hair straight from the barber’s shop is the most fashionable. But 2023 is turning it all upside down. Bedhead hair is styled in a messy way, like you’ve rubbed your head against a pillow, if you know what I mean. However, this messy bedroom hair is different. It’s still a little chunky and brushed, but it’s not as messy, and it’s a little more stringy.

What is Bedroom Hair?

bedroom hair 2023 trendy highlights

When it comes to our hairstyles, we want them to be perfect, there’s no doubt about that. But there are times when we can’t control our hair because we are busy with something. And that’s exactly the charm of this new disheveled hair fashion! Bedroom hair has hit the charts for the hottest fall 2022 women’s haircut of the season and the year ahead. Whether you have super curly or wavy hair, you can achieve this look, but you need to prep your hair with a really good leave-in conditioner and high-performance product. The goal is to get a happy hair effect! Ask your stylist for an effortless, longer fringe that starts at the cheekbone and blends into the hair.

Why fall for the most popular hairstyle of the moment?

elegant hairstyle medium length blonde hair curtain bangs

It’s hard to give a precise definition to what bedroom hairstyle looks like, but we know it when we see it! It’s when your hair is a little tousled, but it’s not the same as bedroom hair. Your hair is down and wavier than usual, but it still retains its seductive shape. Or, your hair is tied up in a messy ponytail, with a few strands hanging over your face. Either way, it looks undeniably sexy! Countless magazines and beauty websites have devoted articles on how to achieve this look. We’re totally falling for the tousled hairstyle because it’s extremely seductive, easy to do and natural. It’s wild, but not too wild, and at the same time, it’s intimate. The bedroom hair reveals a part of us that we wouldn’t normally show in public.

How to achieve the tousled hairstyle?

bedroom hair kim kardashian bedroom hair wet effect

The key to this tousled hairstyle is volume and texture! Apply a volume enhancing spray while hair is still damp. Then blow-dry hair straight, but with plenty of body. After blow-drying, use a dry finishing spray that will give you a much lighter texture. Then, leaving the ends out, curl the hair with a professional iron. Once the curls are set, stylists ask their clients to lie down while they brush them with their fingers. You can skip this step if you know how to make curls without heat. When you want to do this tousled hairstyle, think about your messy beach hair. Use a spray that will hold your disheveled strands in place to finish the look. It’s supposed to look like you had fun with your hair!

How do I pin up my messy hair?

curly cute bun hairstyle to try in 2023

Good news for you ladies! You don’t need expert advice to pin your hair up. So, an easy messy bun is always the best option. And, if you’ve mastered creating a ponytail, you can handle styling a bun too. All you need is a hairbrush, natural dry shampoo, hair elastic, bobby pins and hair spray to make a messy bun. Detangle all the hair! To do that, always start at the bottom, which means the ends and roots. Always use a good conditioner when you wash your hair. You can also opt for a volume enhancing spray to give your bun more texture and volume.

Simply do not follow any rules!

beautiful waves long blonde hair bobby pins hairstyle

Some looks require a step-by-step process to get your hair in the right shape. For a messy look, ditch all those rules and just flip your hair up. Pin it up or sweep it across your forehead for a wavy look without the heat. Whatever you do, just do it with ease and don’t overthink it! It looks easy enough to achieve that tousled look. However, we should disappoint you. Despite the easy-to-go look, it takes some effort. Use a curling iron, extra-wide curlers or adopt the sock technique (see tutorial below) to achieve these sexy beauties. Afterwards, use your fingers to loosen the curls and add hairspray. Remember, unwashed hair is perfect for your messy look. You can also use a foam, DIY sea salt spray or other products to get a tousled look.

The best hairstyles to copy to adopt the Bedroom Hair

long dark wavy hair casual look middle parting

The key to looking like an effortlessly chic French girl is “deliberate neglect”! Here are the best tousled hairstyles of all time!

fair messy look hair trends 2023

Long bob hairstyle – messy look

casual look hair trends 2023 blonde hair long bob

Perfectly mastered bedroom hair 

long straght dark brown elegant look hairstyle trends 2023

Beautiful wet effect

long dark messy hair wet effect

Natural hair looks

choppy layers cute and messy hairstyle

Gorgeous tousled effect

cute beach waves bedroom hairstyle messy cute idea

Messy hairstyle with curtain bangs

blonde medium length curtain bangs layers

Bedroom hair, the hottest hair trend for 2023

the hottest hair trend for 2023

Going natural is in fashion

medium length straight dark messy casual look

A messy bun

hair bun half up half down hairstyle trends 2023

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