French wedding nails: Say YES to the perfect manicure for your big day!

by Gabby

Do you have a date for the big day yet? Are you excited and have probably made a vision board or maybe a wedding planner to keep every detail in? However, having a wedding as one of the most wonderful moments can be quite stressful. You don’t want to miss anything and you want everything to go great! Today, however, we’re going to take care of your hands and making them look stunning because you’ll still have a new ring to adorn them for a lifetime. What is the most feminine bridal manicure? The classic French, of course! Which French wedding nails will match your dress? How to choose the best shape possible? Let’s find out!

French wedding nails: Say YES to the perfect manicure for your big day!

wedding french nails bridal manicure trends 2023 decorations white

Such a simple detail like the manicure is very important for every woman on her wedding day. Your hands will be on the spotlight because of the wedding rings and you have to make sure they are perfect! It is worth thinking about how to choose the perfect manicure design so that it does not stand out from the general image of the bride, but only highlights your dress and the vibe of the wedding! Surprisingly, on this important day an imperishable classic comes to the rescue – an elegant, delicate and restrained French manicure is perfect for brides in every way.

Vanilla French nails for your wedding day

vanilla french nails for a wedding bridal manicure trends 2023


Are you planning a subtle classic look for your wedding? I have just the manicure for you! Classic French nails will always look great, but this year’s trends lend themselves to experimentation. And by that, don’t mean anything too weird! Hailey Bieber’s nail artist that created the donut glazed nails, surprised us again with this absolutely chic nail design. These are the vanilla French nails! What is the difference between them and the classic ones? They have a slightly larger French tip and the base is kind of creamy and milky. If you have longer nails, they will be perfect for you!

Micro French nails 2023

micro french nails 2023 manicure trends

Are you short nails type of queen? I got you! You don’t need to make them longer just for your wedding, if you are not going to feel comfortable! After all you will have to dance and enjoy your wedding! But how to make your hands look elegant and in sync with this bridal vibe? I introduce you to the micro French nails, which are one of the biggest trends for French manicure 2023. They are the perfect option for your short nails, became it will make them look longer! You can try the classic white for the French tips or you can do them in silver chrome as shown on the picture! I guarantee you will look gorgeous both ways!

French wedding nails: Pearls decoration

wedding nails ideas french manicure with pearls decoration

Think about your wedding dress for a second… Have you seen a more beautiful thing recently? I am sure the answer is no, as most of are in love with them as much as we are in love with our future husbands. How to compliment the dress in the best way possible? If there are some pearl decoration on it or if it is simple, you can add pearls to your French manicure as well. Just remember, don’t go over the top. Choose tiny little decorations that will enhance the look!

French manicure, but make it wavy!

french manicure white nails trends design decoration retro


Do you think that this nail design does not count as a French manicure? Well, that’s actually not true. It is just a different approach to the classic and we love it! It gives these retro vibes and will compliment your wedding look. You can already get an idea from the photo, but your hand will look great with the ring as well. This design is perfect for an almond shape, ballerina or oval. Definitely try a different style if you have square nails as the waves does not really go with this shape!

Wedding manicure with decorations

bridal french wedding nails manicure trends 2023

Do you want to add that “va va voom” to your classic nail design? Well, try adding some decoration on one of your finger nails. You can decorate with subtle flowers, imitation of lace, or simple white wavy decorations.

Other French wedding nails

french manicure for a wedding nails ideas trends 2023 square shape

Reverse French manicure 

moon nails reverse french manicure

French manicure for a Boho wedding 

gold lined french manicure ideas 2023

French manicure with golden fairy decorations

french nails with gold

Wedding nails

wedding nails french manicure ideas

Double French manicure 

double french tip manicure wedding nails bridal


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