French manicure 2023: How to adapt this timeless classic this year?

by Gabby

I am pretty sure many of us have these moments when we cannot wait to go to the nail salon. But when we sit on the chair, we actually have no idea what we want to do with our nails. Usually what happens is, that we let our nail artist to choose for us, whether we like that or not. If you find yourself looking at a wall of nail polishes wondering what to choose, because you’ve worn all sorts of colors over the last few months, then it’s time for some inspiration. You know that one of the classics is always a good idea, right? That is why the star of the show today will be the French manicure 2023. What are the new trends? What are the tops shades? Let me tell you right away!

French manicure 2023: What are the newest trends?

classical french manicure with white tips easy trendy chic elegant

We all adore this classic French manicure with white. I’m sure you’ve tried it many times and it’s extremely familiar. It somehow gives that “clean girl” vibe that everyone is in love with lately. Well today though, we’re not going to talk about the classic French nails that are always in style. We’re going to focus on the ones with playful colors, different shades and shapes. There are a lot of trends right now that I’m sure you’ll be inspired by. I won’t waste your time anymore, let’s get started!

Rich girl nails but make it French

rich girl nails french manicure design 2023


Have you heard of the new trend “rich girl nails”? If you are into the minimalism vibes, you are definitely going to love them. What it is you may ask? It’s a full coverage creamy beige nail polish that creates a natural and neat nail art. You can read all about it here. We have to give Jennifer Lopez the credit for making them trendy. Her nail artist Tom Bachik made this shade very popular. Everybody are trying them out currently. If you want something basic, but still with a twist, why not adapt the rich girl nails, but turn them into a French manicure? This thin type of French nails are all over the internet. They are very elegant and will give you this subtle, soft look.

Vanilla French manicure

vanilla french manicure ideas kiley jenner trendy 2023

What is one of the trendiest French manicure 2023 currently? The Vanilla French nails are here! These nails gained a huge popularity on TikTok. They are definitely the top hit at the moment. Do you want to look sophisticated? Then you must really try them out this season! They are created by Zola Ganzorigt, the famous nail artist behind Hailey Bieber’s popular glazed-donut nails and candy-cane glazed nails. It embodies the same fresh, lovely, minimalist style that any Vanilla Girl has. It has that milky tone, and it is very different from the original one. At first, it may not seem like it, however it has that creamy finish. If Kiley Jenner have tried them already, you have to know that they will be all over the internet soon!

Valentines nails 2023

valentines day nails with pink and heart decorations

The good news is that in 2023 we will enjoy the French manicure again, but this time it will be slightly different from the design we have known so far. Abstract art still tops the charts, and it’s quite possible that it will dethrone the French style in the coming months. However, in February we should focus on love. How to express what we feel inside for our loved ones? Show it on your nails girl! This type of French manicure with some hearts decoration is one of the trendiest at the moment. It is cute, stylish, and it has the pop of color that we need in the winter sometimes! Inspire yourself with more ideas for Valentine’s Day nails.

Ombre nails

ombre nails french manicure style white and nude trendy 2023


If you are a fan of ombre nails, then you are really going to love this. This is a hybrid nail art, which is the perfect mixture of the both classics – the French manicure and the ombre nails. All you need to do is combine your favorite nude color and use white to create this effect. It is perfect for every season and any occasion. It can look casual and elegant as well. If you love matching your outfits to your nails, then this nail design is the perfect choice for the winter.

Chrome French manicure 2023

chrome nails french manicure style golden bold elegant

If you think the chrome nails trend is going away soon, think again. They are here to stay for sure! We see them pretty much everywhere, and there are many designs for you to try out this year, include chrome French manicure. If you don’t like this bold, shiny effect on your nails but still want to hop on the trend, then try wearing it only on the tip of your nails. It will still look amazing and if you try it gold, the look of a Greek goddess is guaranteed! This is going to be one of the hits for nail art in February 2023!

Other French manicure 2023 ideas

chrome french manicure ideas silver glitter sparkle

Classic French nails with butterfly stickers 

chic manicure nail art 2023 ideas

Cute pink Valentines nails with flowers decorations 

cute decorations for nails on valentines day ideas trendy

French manicure with made with glitter 

cute nails easy to do cute trendy chic ideas

Classic manicure with rhinestones decoration

classic french nails white rhinestone decorations

French manicure with animal print 

french nails with animal print ideas 2032

Glazed donut French manicure 

glazed donut french manicure hailey bieber trends 2023 nails

Baby blue nails 

french manicure 2023 how to do my nails this season ideas

Cute nails idea 

cute nails ideas 2023 smiley face flowers decorations nail art

Green and white nails 

different style of french manicure to do in 2023

Minimalistic hot pink French nails 

valentines day nails ideas french tip decorations

Sweater nails for Valentine’s Day 

sweater nails for valentines day cute and trendy idea

Very trendy nail art idea 

trendy nails ideas art design decorations

Animal print manicure idea 

how to do my nails in 2023 ideas manicure deisgn art decorations

Pink Valentines nails idea 

minimalistic french manicure minimal how to achieve this effect

Pop Art nails 

pop art nails ideas french manicure

Glitter chrome nails 

monochrome glitter nails silver ideas very trendy


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