Short or long bob? No need to choose with the Shoulder Blade Bob 2023! 14 looks for all ages

by Kristiyana

Wavy bob, scandi bob, rolled bob, airy bob or chopped bob, there are many versions of the editor’s favourite haircut. However, one question remains… Short bob or long bob, which one is for you? We all want to take the leap, but the question mark around the perfect length for this cut is missing. Our hair experts are unanimous on this point: the ideal bob you need right now is the shoulder blade bob! Hot, timeless and sensational, it’s a cut that gives you immediate style. This haircut is the perfect choice for a sexy and stylish new look. Plus, it’s perhaps the easiest bob to maintain so far.

Shoulder blade bob: What is the new bob?


The bob is not going to say goodbye to us in 2023! The latest variation of this timeless hairstyle is proof of that. Halfway between a bixie cut and a lob (long bob), the shoulder blade bob is a great hair solution for those of you who aren’t ready to sacrifice your lengths to go short. Apart from the chic look of this hairstyle, it gives the impression of a slimmer face and highlights the neck and neckline. Okay, but how far do you have to cut to adopt it? According to hair experts, the ideal length for this bob is 2–3 cm/ 0.78-1.18 inches below the chin. The hair should then sweep across the shoulders without necessarily resting there, which is precisely the idea of this fabulous new bob cut.

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Who is the shoulder blade bob for?



What we love about the new hair trend for spring 2023 is that it is not at all difficult to maintain and suits everyone. Curly girls, there’s no need to give up the bob look with the shoulder blade bob. In fact, even curly and afro manes can enjoy it as long as the line is straight. This trendy hairstyle immediately gives the wearer a youthful look. It is therefore ideal for women aged 50 or over who want to look younger. However, the major advantage of this sensational bob is that you can still tie your hair up. Banana bun, slick bun, low tail, half-tail, braids… there is no shortage of choice when it comes to styling!

How to adopt this hairstyle in winter 2023?


To make sure you don’t get confused with the length of your new shoulder blade cut, simply stop right at the shoulder blade. Be careful though, to get it right, it is crucial to even out the lengths into a perfectly straight line. Layers are not allowed here. Of course, the size of this bob cut can vary depending on your face shape and hair type, say our hair experts. That’s why it’s important to consult your hairdresser before taking the step. If you have fine, thinning hair, the shoulder blade bob works well with an unstructured fringe to give you volume. Texturizing products such as dry shampoo are also welcome to give it lift.

How do you maintain the new trendy bob?


It’s decided! To be right on trend in 2023, you’re going for the shoulder blade bob! Okay, but how do you maintain it? And what about styling? As the new trendy bob looks like a lob, it is very easy to maintain. A touch-up every three months is more than enough to maintain its flattering shape. When it comes to styling, this trendy hairstyle can be worn in several stylish ways, depending on the type of hair. Curly girls whose manes are naturally thicker should think about taming their volume with adapted products: mousse, hair oils, balms, etc. For fine, flat hair, this bob cut can also be worn wavy. At 40, 50 or even 60, it has everything to rejuvenate you. Combining it with a side parting is also a great option for styling and enhancing it. The latest hair colour trends are another way to spice it up.

Prettiest bob cuts to wear the shoulder blade bob



The war of the clans was announced a long time ago. After the return of long hair in 2022, it is obvious to fall for a long bob in 2023. Every day, a new Instagrammer shows up with a shoulder blade bob. So we can’t help but notice how popular this haircut has become. Still not convinced? Here are some great looks to steal from fashionistas to adopt the new spring hair trend and adapt it to your own style!

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Shoulder blade bob with a side parting


Caramel blonde sweep to give the curly shoulder blade cut a lift


Shoulder blade wavy bob with tapered fringes


Shoulder bob with fringe to give volume to fine hair


The shoulder blade bob on afro hair


Brown shoulder blade cut with a parting in the middle


A-line and perfectly smooth shoulder blade bob


Shoulder blade bob or the new anti-ageing cut for women aged 50 2023



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