How to Style Shoulder Length Hair? 16 Ways to Style Short and Mid-Length Locks

by Kristiyana

We all know that girls with longer hair often have it easier when trying a new trendy hairstyle. It’s normal – they have a lot more hair to work with. However, that doesn’t mean that us girls with medium or short length hair don’t have a lot of glamorous options to go with as well. To stand my point, I have picked out 16 stunning hairstyles that will show you how to style shoulder length hair, as well as ways to style short hair. Are you interested?

Textured waves shoulder-length hair

hairstyles for mid length hair

For a glamorous touch-up, add some soft waves to make your hair look more layered and a bit shorter. Use a texturing spray to finish the look. This shoulder-length hairstyle is perfect for date night.

Fluffy top braid for short hair

side braids for short hair


Girls with long hair are not the only ones that can have fun with a beautiful braided hairstyle! To create a unique look for your short hair, braid in a loose pattern two sections on one side of your hair to make a stunning fluffy braid.

Easy updo for shoulder-length hair

buns for short and mid length hair

If you are looking for a cute and casual updo, why not try this easy low bun for your shoulder-length hair? To keep it in place while running errands, use a quality hairspray. And if you want a supermodel look, try the trendy slicked-back bun! You can’t miss out on it.

Natural waves short hairstyle

how to style short hair

Want to create a glamorous, natural-looking hairstyle for your short hair? Just let it be and it will do its work! For the best results, use a microfiber towel after washing it to prevent frizz. After, apply a leave-in mousse or cream and let the hair air-dry.

Messy half-up top knot hairstyle

shoulder length hairstyles 2023

 Why not try a shoulder-length hairstyle that will highlight your facial features? This glam messy half-up top knot is just what your hair and face needs. It’s care-free, yet you can easily wear it to a party.

Textured pixie for short hair

pixie cut 2023

Do you have really short hair? Do you often find yourself wondering how to style it? Try the textured pixie look. To get this hairstyle, you will need to use a blow-dryer with the concentrator nozzle attached, along with a flat bristle brush. After you have blow-dried your hair, add a texturing spray and use your fingers to create a slightly messy look.

Textured updo for shoulder-length hair

updos for shoulder length hair

To get this textured updo for shoulder-length hair, you will need to apply a curl defining cream onto damp hair. Run the product through with a wide tooth comb. Then, use a diffuser on low speed and heat to dry the hair. After you have dried it, starting from the temples, loosely section the top 1/3 of your hair with your fingers and tie it in a ponytail. Create two more ponytails below. As you now have three ponytails, grab a small amount of styling paste to hold, and twist each ponytail into a bun. Secure with pins. Voilà!

Short hair with beachy waves

how to style short wavy hair

Who doesn’t love beachy waves? Girls with any hair length can enjoy them! For a glamorous and care-free summer look, apply sea-salt spray onto dry hair and scrunch it into your locks to achieve these charming waves.

Side braid fishtail hairstyle

side braid hairstyles

How to style shoulder length hair you ask? Opt for a simple side braid in a fishtail style. Fishtail braids are an easy and beautiful way to spice up any hairstyle. You can wear this look both to casual and more fancy events.

Half-up bun for short hair

updos for short hair

When you have very short hair, sometimes it might seem like a cute updo is out of the question. But if you can’t tie up the lower part of your hair, just go with a charming half-up bun. A perfect look for summer, wouldn’t you agree?

Textured ponytail for mid-length hair

hairstyles=for shoulder length hair with bangs

This is basically my favourite running-late hairstyle. When you are having a bad hair day, or just don’t have the time and energy to style your mid-length locks, a low textured ponytail will answer all your prayers. It’s easy to pull-off, yet gives you a celebrity look.

Bun boxer braids on short hair

braids for short hair

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for short hair to wear to a summer festival? Try the bun boxer braids. All you need to do is braid your hair in two boxer braids and finish the hairstyle by wrapping their ends into two cute buns.

Straight and sleek shoulder-length hair

how to style straight mid length hair

Love, love, looove this. Ever since I first watched Pretty Little Liars as a teen, Lucy Hale has been such a fashion inspiration to me. To get this hairstyle fit for the red carpet, make sure your ends are freshly cut and blunt. Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Take the upper half of it and style it with some eye-catching sparkly hairpieces.

Accessories for short curly hair

ways to style short curly hair

When your curl pattern is not chaotic like mine is, you don’t really need too much to make your hairstyle stand out. But if you want to change things up a bit, a beautiful silk scarf or headband could do the trick.

Twisted shoulder-length hairstyle

braids for shoulder length hair

For a quick and easy, yet pretty shoulder-length hairstyle, try this one. Take two thick strands on each side of your hair and twist them. Secure the strands in the back with the help of a thin hair tie. Or you can always use bobby pins or maybe your favourite hair clip.

Crown braid for mid-length hair

crown braid for mid length hair

Hair crowns are one of my favourite braided hairstyles. You can wear them to a festival, to a wedding – basically suitable for all types of occasions.

To get this care-free crown braid look, apply a golf ball amount of curl defining cream onto damp hair. Then create oscillating waves around your face by using a curling iron. Now part the hair in two down the centre. Braid each of the sections and secure them with a thin hair tie. Spray some texturing spray and gently pull apart the braids to give them volume. Flip each of the braids up to the top to create a crown and secure with bobby pins.


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