10 Trees for a Small Front Yard – How to Improve Your Curb Appeal?

by Kremy

A small front yard is not a reason to neglect your exterior design. Yes, working with a limited space has some restrictions but nothing is impossible. The main thing in planning the design of a small plot is to think for the future and take into account how big and tall the trees you want to plant will be many years later. Among the variety of species, it is sometimes hard to choose just one or two. We have a list of 10 trees for a small front yard that will immediately improve your curb appeal and transform the appearance of your home.

What Is Important to Consider When Choosing Trees for a Small Front Yard?

10 trees for a small front yard to improve your curb appeal

When choosing trees for small front yards, height and crown spread are one of the main factors to consider. Some species grow slowly and initially fit very well in a small yard. However, over time, they can get too big and take up all the available space, blocking out light, passageways and may potentially damaging the foundation of your home.

Another consideration is the root system. You need to keep in mind that the diameter of the root system is equal to the diameter of the crown of the tree.

Take into account the proximity of power lines as well.

Resist the temptation to plant several trees because your front yard looks bare. Add flowers, or mulch the soil around the trees.

If you don’t know where to place the tree, you may grow it in a pot. There are many compact-sized varieties and you can even grow fruit trees in containers.

What Are the Best Trees for a Small Front Yard?

what are the best trees for a small front yard


As we said, there is a huge choice of trees for a small front yard. You can opt for evergreens, blooming trees or varieties with beautiful foliage, depending on your preferences and climate area.


small front yard landscaping ideas compact saucer magnolia

Magnolia (Magnolia Soulangeana) is smaller in size and requires less space. It blooms in various shades of white, pink, and purple. It is slow growing and reaches maximum height of 4-6 m/ 13-19 ft in height. The large blooms are magnificent and you will enjoy them from mid to late spring. Magnolia Soulangeana thrives on spots with full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.

Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica)

crape myrtle best trees for a small front yard

Lagerstroemia indica “Pink Velour” is one of the best trees for a small front yard. It is easy to grow, easy to maintain and provides profuse flowering in shades of pink, red, lavender, or white in summer and fall. In full bloom, it can offer more flowers than any other tree. It prefers warm weather but with proper protection, it will do well in a colder climate as well. Depending on the variety, Crape Myrtle can reach 6 to 25 feet (2 to 8 m) in height.

Dwarf Lilac

dwarf lilac tree for small front yard landscaping ideas

Dwarf lilac varieties reach a maximum of 4 to 5 feet (1-1.5 m.). This is a very easy to grow plant and blooms from April to June. Lilac feels best in direct sunlight and prefers moist soil.

Japanese camellia (Camellia Japonica)

camellia japonica is beautiful tree for a small front yard

The Japanese camellia is an incredibly beautiful compact size tree for a small front yard. It has glossy, dark green leaves which contrast with the tender, elegant flowers. The flowers come in different shapes and colors depending on the variety. Japanese camellia grows slowly, reaches up to 12 feet/ 3,6 m tall and 10 feet/3 m wide and can be grown in containers as well.

Dwarf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

dwarf japanese maple small trees for front yard

If you are looking for a focal point in your front yard, then the Japanese Maple is the tree to go for! The Japanese maple is highly valued for its compact size, the beautiful shape of its leaves and crown, and its incredible colors – from deep gold to crimson red. It reaches up to a height of 2 to 4 m/6 to 12 feet depending on the variety. Due to the small size, Japanese maples can be grown in containers.

Small Trees for Front Yard – Japanese Flowering Cherry (Kiku Shidare)

japanese flowering cherry kiku shidare exterior design ideas

A variety of Japanese cherry tree with weeping branches and an openwork crown, which is characterized by a small growth. The tree reaches a maximum height of 3-5 meters/ 9 to 16 feet. The diameter of the crown is 3-4 m/9-10 feet. It blooms in April-May, the flowers are pink, gathered in lush bunches.

Ornamental Crab Apple Tree (Malus)

ornamental crab apple tree small trees for front yard

Ornamental Crab apple trees offer a spectacular seasonal color with flowers in in various shades of white, pink and red. The height does not exceed 4 meters/ 13 feet. “Royalty” is the most popular variety.

Columnar Buckthorn Rhamnus Frangula “Fine Line”

buckthorn rhamnus frangula fine line ornamental trees for small front yard

Do you have a tiny front yard? Don’t worry! Have a look at Rhamnus Frangula “Fine Line”. It is a very narrow, upright growing tree with beautiful dark green leaves which turn buttery yellow in fall.

Trees for a Small Front Yard – Flowering Plum

flowering plum landscape ideas for small front yard

Flowering plum (Prunus triloba) also called flowering almond is a small, rounded, multi-stemmed tree which reaches 2-3 m / 6-9 feet of height. It can be pruned to the desired height, actually. It blooms in late April and May with punk flowers. In fall it becomes yellow-bronze. This is a hardy plant, resistant to most pests and diseases and withstands harsh winter conditions.

Limelight Hydrangea Tree

limelight hydrangea tree front yard curb appeal

Limelight hydrangea trees are the perfect choice for a small front yard. They look like an elegant bouquet and its blooms are creamy white. This tree needs full sun or at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. It is a very hardy tree variety and withstands harsh winter temperatures.



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