Gypsy Shag Haircut: Express Freedom And Spirituality With Your Hairstyle in 2023!

by Gabby

We can now declare that spring is officially here and slowly erasing the gray winter weather. The sunshine reminds us of the summer we have been waiting for. If you’re wondering what hairstyle to wear for the new season, we’re here to help. The 90s hairstyles are back in full force right now! Long before the Shaggy hairstyles trend, there was another trend that not everyone remembers – the Gypsy shag haircut. In general, the Gypsy hairstyle was a huge thing and as you might be guessing right now, we can adapt it in 2023! What is the Gypsy Shag haircut? How to wear it? Keep on reading to find out!

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What is a Gypsy haircut?

This hairstyle gained popularity first in the 70s, when this lifestyle began to conquer more and more people. The Gypsy aesthetic is something similar to Boho, and the hairstyle itself expresses exactly that freedom, spirituality, and happiness. You can recognize it by the many layers that fall freely and give the hair a lot of movement. This type of person is known to live below the norm of “live for the moment and don’t think about tomorrow”, which is exactly what the Gypsy hairstyle should express, but in the best possible way. Even J Lo has adapted this type of culture in one of her first songs called Ain’t it funny. This was one of my favorite hits from the past and the song itself can tell a lot how you are supposed to feel if you are adapting a gypsy hairstyle – wild, free, and in love with life! In today’s article, I am going to show you how to wear the Gypsy shag haircut and what are some of the best hairstyles to try out this summer!

j lo gypsy haircut boho hairstyle ideas for coachella 2023


Gypsy shag haircut

gypsy shag haircut 2023 shaggy hairstyle for long hair

What we know about the shaggy hairstyles is that they offer a lot of movement and texture. The Gypsy shag haircut can be worn straight or wavy, but if you want to adapt it correctly, then wavy is definitely the way to go. I would recommend choosing a longer length and not cutting the hair short for now, first check out if you love the layers. As for styling products, use a salt spray, wave spray, or cream. These products effortlessly bring out the movement of locks and can add volume if used correctly. Want to look even younger? Try sporting bangs too. In addition to being elegant, this type of haircut highlights all the features of your face, such as your jawline.

How do you cut a Gypsy shag haircut?

We are busy bees and don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting in a chair and waiting for the perfect haircut. However, this video will give you the essentials on what exactly to ask for, if you want the Gypsy shag haircut. And as you can see, it is under 5 minutes, which is an ultimate win, if you ask me. You can, of course, personalize it and make the hairstyle according to your preferences and hair type. For women with natural wavy hair, this will be easy to style as you can just wake up and go. For women with straight hair, you can achieve the perfect texture for Gypsy shag hairstyle with just the help of your favorite styling products. I personally think, hair mouse to define the curls will be the best choice here! Remember, there are a few hair simulators where you can try different hairstyles, without having to cut your hair and regret it.

Short shaggy hairstyle: Gypsy haircut trend

short shaggy haircuts gypsy hairstyle trends 2023 ideas

For the girlies with short hair, no worries, you can still try that effortless Gypsy style that we talk about. Shaggy haircuts are famously known for their diversity! If you love Bohemian style and rebellious style, this cheeky version of the shag cut should be at the top of your list. This hairstyle should be messy, lively and not too formal. Make sure you’re willing to put in the effort to get the texture you want. The lightness of the cut makes styling very easy. And if you want your hair even shorter, check out the short shaggy bob and how to wear it!

Gypsy hairstyle for Coachella 2023

gypsy hairstyle for coachella 2023 pink haircuts ideas shaggy

As you know, Coachella is approaching and I honestly can’t wait to see the looks of the influencers! That’s actually the part I am most excited about. I love the type of hair, the outfits and the makeup that is so out of the ordinary. If you are planning on going this year, you are going to need a new haircut for sure. The Gypsy shag hairstyle can be worn in a different bright color like pink! You don’t have to dye your hair, there are different sprays and shampoo dyes that will give you the same effect! Remember that for this festival, you have to go all out and try to stand out!

Gypsy hairstyle for blonde hair

gypsy hairstyle for blonde short hair ideas 2023

I know when you hear Gypsy, you think of someone with beautiful dark or black hair, however we cannot stop our blonde ladies to adapt this amazing hair trend! The layers will give your blonde locks exactly what they need!

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