Sugar Waxing: Follow up These Simple Steps How to Make Less Painful Wax for Removing Your Hair

by Snezhana Besarabova

There is a nice reason sugar waxing has become so popular. In comparison to the traditional waxing, it’s cheaper, less painful and entirely made from natural ingredients. The list of benefits of sugar waxing will not be complete without saying that it’s easily made at home and can be used repeatedly. What’s more, the method is eco-friendly, and the used wax – biodegradable. Here we’ll give you one simple recipe, and the tips on how to make it at home and use it step by step.

Is homemade sugar wax safe?

sugar waxing is homemade sugar wax safe

Women are sometimes afraid, before they try this unconventional method, and ask: “Does sugar waxing hurt?” Waxing with sugar is less painful, as it’s applied without being warmed up. In addition to this, it’s an absolutely safe method of hair removal.

What are the benefits of sugar waxing?

sugar waxing what are the benefits of sugar waxing

  1. All the components are natural and there are no skin-irritating ingredients
  2. Less breakage of hairs, because the sugar wax wraps tightly around the hair follicle
  3. No danger of getting burned, as the sugar wax is with room temperature when applied
  4. Sugar wax can be applied several times to one spot of the skin
  5. Gentle, because it does not stick to live skin cells and there is no danger of ripping off a layer of skin
  6. Environmentally friendly – sugaring wax is biodegradable, as there is no need for sticks and strips, and one wax boll can be used many times

How to make sugaring wax step by step ?

sugaring wax how to make sugaring wax step by step

Making sugar wax for the first time may seem difficult. Nevertheless, it becomes an easy practice once you get the hang of it.

Sugar waxing recipe

  • 1 cup (200 g) white sugar
  • ⅛ cup (30 ml) lemon juice
  • 1/8 cup (30 ml) warm water


sugar waw sugar waxing recipe

Mix these ingredients in a pan and heat carefully. Once the mixture starts boiling, it can turn from a golden color to black one in 2 minutes. It’s difficult to control this process by eye, that’s why you better have a candy thermometer for a more precise control. When the sugar wax turns a light honey color, you should pull the pan off the stove immediately. Then pour the wax into a container.

Removing hair with sugar waxing method

does sugar waxing hurt removing hair with sugar waxing method

Sugaring may look like traditional waxing, but there are some differences. Here are the steps of doing it:

  1. Let the sugar wax cool to room temperature and scoop it out of the container with a spoon or with hand
  2. Apply ¼ in (5-6 mm) layer of it onto the skin surface against the direction of the hair growth with a knife or with your hand
  3. Slightly press this thin layer of sugar wax to stick well enough to the skin
  4. Stretch the skin with the patch of wax and holding the wax tightly, quickly pull it in the direction of hair growth
  5. Roll the wax between your palms and use, if needed, on other parts of your skin till it’s no longer sticky
  6. Save the leftovers in the refrigerator for the next use, when you should warm it between your palms before working with it again

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