Short shaggy bob: Learn all about the latest haircut trend and find inspiring ideas!

by Anjelina

The shaggy haircut has been gaining popularity in recent years, although it has been familiar to hairdressers for more than 40 years now. In 2023 we will see a mix of hairstyle trends such as the shaggy bob. It combines the ever-trending proportions of the bob with the fashion casualness of the shag haircut. This amazing combination is the topic of this article. Read on to get an in-depth look at the short shaggy bob haircut and find out how to maintain and style your hair to always look good!

What is a shaggy bob?

trendy shaggy bob for wavy hair and cute blunt bangs

A shaggy bob is a haircut that usually requires creating layers and choppy ends with the help of a razor. The length of the hair reaches to the chin (in a short shaggy bob), but can be longer (to the shoulders). The idea of the combination of shag and bob cut is to achieve more volume. The hair is very easy to style, as you will find out in the following lines, but is not the only advantage. The hairstyle looks very modern, managing to give a unique look to any woman who dares to try this bold combination!

Who is the short shaggy bob for?

short shaggy bob trendy short haircut 2023 with bangs


It wouldn’t be a lie to say that anyone can try a short shaggy bob without worrying about making a mistake! Why is that? For the simple reason that the hairstyle is great for hair of any thickness and texture! It can also look great on both curly and straight hair. What is more, the short shaggy bob can help tame the most unruly and thick hair and make its maintenance easy and enjoyable. The layering will give you a nice, voluminous shape, and you’ll feel extremely comfortable with your new hairstyle!

Does a shaggy bob make you look younger?

We can’t tell if this is more of a youthful or older female hairstyle because the shaggy bob is always pretty and anyone can wear it regardless of age. For example, it will look equally good with both a formal dress and sportswear, as it will complement your style in a unique way! But to be honest, we would generally recommend it to older ladies because it gives a youthful look, effectively hides forehead wrinkles and masks puffy cheeks.

With or without bangs?

add lots of volume with the trendiest shaggy bob haircut and bangs

Whether you add bangs to your new short hairstyle, we leave it up to you to decide! In general, bangs fit perfectly into the shaggy bob hairstyle. It’s best if they’re long enough and styled in the same slightly tousled and casual way. Those of you who have a rounder face might seriously consider adding bangs, as they are quite a good option! They visually alter the face by making it look slimmer.

Short shaggy bob haircut: Inspiring looks and styling ideas

short blonde hair shag cut A-line bob combination

When it comes to styling your hair, remember the most important thing – you can do it any way you want, with any hair tools, or you can even choose to do nothing if you’re going for the ”I woke up like this” look! A really short shaggy bob is an extremely low-maintenance hairstyle that is extremely suitable for ladies who are often time-limited! However, let’s take a look at some great styling ideas and looks that are worth keeping in mind when going for this particular hairstyle!

Shaggy bob with side-swept bangs

side swept bangs short shag cut on blonde hair

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that visually makes your face look smaller and slimmer, this is a shaggy bob with side-swept bangs. It achieves maximum volume in the hair, which in turn is ideal for women with round faces. How to style it? The easiest way is to use a hair straightener and gently curl the ends towards your face. This will concentrate the volume at the top of the head.

Curtain bangs for fine hair

shaggy bob with curtain bangs for fine hair

As previously mentioned, the short shaggy bob is ideal for achieving volume. We know how important it is, especially for those of you whose hair is thin. Apart from the choppy ends and the layers, it’s also a good idea to add curtain bangs, which will also visually give the impression that you have thick hair. The best option for styling is to use a round brush and a blow-dryer, paying attention to the root area in order to create volume there. Also, you want to make sure you blow dry the ends away from the face.

Short straight gray hair

straight gray hair short shaggy bob with side swept bangs

The short shaggy bob looks amazing on straight hair too. If you don’t have naturally straight hair then you know you can try straightening it with the right appliance for that! Just make sure you use heat-protectant spray before you do it. On the other hand, we chose to share this particular hairstyling idea with you because of the color! Itis very trendy right now. Gray hair has long been nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary – it makes us look stylish, elegant and up to date with fashion and trends!

Short shaggy bob – Photo Gallery

platinum blonde hair tousled look shaggy bob with bangs

Messy haircut with side bangs

messy short shaggy bob with side bangs

Modern shag haircut

modern shag and bob cut worth trying in 2023

Trendy pastel pink hair color

pastel pink hair color trends 2023

Combination with mini fringe

choppy haircut with mini fringe

Gorgeous and trendy highlights

gorgeous shag cut and trendy highlights

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