The party bob is the hottest hair trend right now! Copy the look of the stars!

by Kremy

2023 SAG Awards saw all kinds of fabulous people. But do you know which ones stood out? We’re not going to talk about the beautiful dresses, fancy shoes and sparkling jewelry… No, today we’re focusing on the party bob and how it’s solidified its position in the hair trends of 2023! It’s not something extravagant… In fact… Beauty lies in simplicity. Sometimes less is more! And today, I’m going to show you the TOP SAG Awards looks of our favorite stars and how they’re embracing the style to look just as fabulous!

Hair trend 2023: party bob (THE bob hairstyle of IT girls)

bob hairstyle trends 2023

Awards ceremonies are always packed with stars trying to look their best. They are glamorous and can’t wait to show it to the world. Occasionally we think, as ordinary people, that it takes a village to look this good. No, my dears. All you need is a few tips and tricks, a little inspiration and a pinch of confidence. I try to encourage all my beautiful readers to accentuate their natural beauty and feel good about themselves. And that’s what I continue to do today. If you’re curious about how to get the dazzling hair everyone is talking about, then keep reading!

Zendaya: curly bob hairstyle

party bob hairstyle trend 2023


I’ll start by stating the obvious… Zendaya is a queen! She has this ethereal aura that surrounds her and many of us want to be like her. Personally, I am guilty as charged! But do you know what the big secret is? It lies in her confidence… So take your crown and wear it proudly! Zendaya’s bob hairstyle is very reminiscent of the vintage bob haircut… She opted for a side parting and beautiful waves. Her makeup is subtle and she decided to enhance her look with a beautiful and dazzling gold necklace. She chose a very classic and chic look without the excess of extravagant details that many stars choose when they are invited to a gala evening.

Jenna Ortega: layered wavy bob

layered wavy bob with bangs

“I’ll dance, dance, dance, with my hands, hands, hands, above my head, head, head, like Jesus said…” Uh… Sorry. We all know Jenna Ortega from her iconic portrayal of Wednesday Addams! For the red carpet, she chose the glamorous goth look. She wore a layered lob (long layered bob haircut) with subtle waves that gracefully caress her collarbones. For her bangs, she chose wispy bottleneck bangs that make her face look smaller. This is actually a great trick for girls with wider faces.

Viola Davis: pin-up hairstyle

party bob 2023 hair trend

We come to Viola Davis, another fabulous queen on the red carpet! In keeping with the previous two stars, she chose HOT makeup and earrings to finish her look in a bold and daring way. She wore a cropped bob with vintage waves that open up her face and flatter her features perfectly. These waves are created with rollers and you can try the hairstyle at home. Or, if you’re old school, you can perm at the hair salon. Many people are against it, but if you like it and it makes you happy, go for it! In this way you’ll wake up every day like a curly hair goddess with volume and texture.

Amy Poehler: casual and chic

wavy bob hairstyle trends 2023


If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation, then you already love Amy Poehler. Her hairstyle is so casual, yet elegant. How did she get this look? Well, like I said earlier, less is more. She has very subtle waves and parted her hair down the middle. If you look closely, you will see that the haircut frames her face and the lack of jewelry and no makeup makeup look enhance her appearance.

Aubrey Plaza: tight curls

short curly bob

Aubrey Plaza, another beloved Parks and Recreation star and comedy queen, is a true sun-kissed goddess! You may have noticed a trend already… All of these stars have opted for waves and curls. This is what the party bob is! A very fun way to give movement and volume to your hair while looking classy, vintage and… Royal! Aubrey opted for tighter curls, makeup and a dress in warm tones.

Cate Blanchett: bob hairstyle with romantic curls

side parted bob hairstyle

Finally, we come to our beautiful queen of the elves, Cate Blanchett. She curled her hair outward and tucked it behind her ear. And surprise! It’s not spiky! But I get off the point… She exposed her face and made it the focal point. As you’ve probably noticed, the stars don’t opt for an extravagant look, but rather for a more relaxed look… Nude face or with a refined makeup, subtle jewels and a bob hairstyle… That’s all you need to look beautiful and trendy with the party bob!




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