The Trendiest Spring Nail Colors of 2023 As Seen At New York Fashion Week

by Stephanie Yankova

Winter is slowly turning to spring and you are probably just as excited as I am to begin to shed the layers of puffer coats, vests, cardigans and sweaters. It’s a new year, new season, new opportunities, and most importantly – new trends! While you’re still in the process of sorting out your spring closet, why not give yourself a fun new set of nails? In the spirit of New York Fashion Week we are going to look at some of the trending spring nail colors taken straight from the runway that we expect to see more of in the upcoming months. You don’t have to be a model to feel like one, and the right set of nails can definitely make you act like it! Keep reading to see the most popular Spring nail colors for 2023! 

What Are The Spring Colors of 2023?


According to experts from the Pantone Color Institute the colors of this year’s Spring/Summer collections are all about embodying your true essence and embracing it in its entirety. From chaos to calmness and everything in between, the colors of this season are all about freedom, authenticity and excitement to push your boundaries and try something new! But how do you incorporate this spirit in your nails? Here are some inspirations to bring to your next nail appointment.

The Uplifting Brights



Bold, vibrant nail colors are a trend you should try at least once this season! Dare to experiment and give into this joyful and playful palette – you won’t regret it! Here are some of the colors we suggest.


Yes, the fiery vampy red is making a huge comeback! This intense, energetic color is guaranteed to breathe the confidence of a model into any woman. The upcoming months are all about being bold and assertive, so what are you waiting for? Let your inner diva out!


‘Barbiecore’ is going to be the absolute showstopper of this Spring season! You definitely won’t go unnoticed with this radiant, hot pink. Forget about the glazed donut nails, this is the new nude no one seemed to get enough of at the recent New York Fashion Week.



This tasty, hot orange is without a doubt the new black for Spring 2023! Its sunny hues will instantly brighten not only your mood, but every room you walk into, as well.


A good way to incorporate those colors in a design are the fabulous swirly nails, which are another emerging trend for this season!


If the swirls aren’t your cup of tea and you want to opt for a more classic design – these fruity French nails are for you! Don’t shy away from using a different color for each tip! Get creative and play around with this trend, because it’s definitely here to stay!


This two-tone combination of nail colors from the Tommy Hilfiger show embodies perfectly the transition from dark, Winter hues to the hot, sunny Spring palette! The luminescent yellow tips are an excellent choice for darker skin!

Spring Nail Colors of 2023 – Calm Tints


‘If there be light, then there is darkness’, or in this case – calmness. For some, freedom means a fresh start, a clean slate. The quiet, pastel tones at New York Fashion Week celebrated just that! Let’s take a look at the way they represented this feeling through their choice of nail colors.


These soft and delicate milky nails offer an easy and effortless look that’s adored by many! Straight out of the Tory Burch show, these elegant nails in creamy tones are going to be one of the go-to Spring nail colors of 2023!


Muted tones, like this sage green, are another trend you should definitely stay on top of this upcoming Spring. This design from the Monse show is a great example of how you can add some character to this subtle color by adding some bubbles for an ‘Euphoria’ effect.


In contrast to the bold and colorful reimagination of the French manicure from the Tommy Hilfiger show, this dainty look was another crowd favorite. If you are someone who wants to embody the clean and chic spirit of Brandon Maxwell, these pastel pink tips are just the look for you!


Minimal and edgy? The Proenza show presented this abstract interpretation of the classic French tips and it didn’t go unnoticed! I get it – color isn’t for everyone! This shouldn’t be a reason for you to not try something different. These black buffed French nails could be exactly what you need for the beginning of the Spring season!


Who said that brown is just for Autumn? These delectable browns never go out of style! Choose a shade that complements your skin, or have some fun with it and mix and match different ones on each nail. Either way, it’s a classic look that works for every season and we simply can’t get enough of it! 

Intergalactic Hues


Chrome nails took the beauty world by storm and let me tell you – they’ve gotten pretty comfortable there. Their throne is definitely well-deserved as they seem to embody the essence of the modern, powerful and elegant woman with a little edge, because let’s be honest – we all like to feel a little badass at times. Here’s what this nail trend will look like in the Spring of 2023!


These metallic nails in purple hues are a perfect choice for the Spring! The light base and liquid effect help to create a more dainty version of the classic chrome nails.

spring-nail-colors, 2023-tips-inspo-trendy-chrome-metallic-green-new-york-fashion-week

This stand-out rich turquoise color will fascinate even the most modest ones in the crowd. 


Big, bright, and bold! These green chrome nails from the Priscavera show are a statement piece on their own! A guaranteed show-stopper for the Spring of 2023!


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