Two-tone French nails: Learn how to make a unique and trendy French manicure in 2023!

by Anjelina

Trends in the fashion world are constantly changing, but there are some classics that won’t go out of style anytime soon or will keep serving as inspiration. In this line of thought, we can’t help but mention the French manicure that has been ruling our hearts for many years! As elegant and beautiful as it is, sometimes we just feel like trying something else, something newer to freshen up our look. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to look at a modern variation of this classic manicure. We’re talking about the two-tone French nails, which have been increasingly popular lately! Keep reading for lots of ideas that will inspire you to try something new at the manicurist or at home yourself!

What exactly are two-tone French nails?

stylish burgundy white nail tips modern french manicure

As you can guess from the name, two-tone French nails are a modern version of the classic manicure that all French girls adore. The difference comes from the colors that are used. For example, instead of the classic combination of white nail polish for the tips and a pale pink or nude base, you can use different colors. Thus, the possibilities become endless, which means you can create a two-tone French manicure with the colors you like. This way you can express your personal style! With a bit of practice and inspiration, you can create your own designs at home or, if you want, you can visit a nail salon to get a professional manicure!

How to make a simple two-tone French manicure?

two tone french nails khaki and dark green


You can create a unique two-tone French manicure at home with a little help of course! In order to create such a manicure, you will need the following items:

  • Two nail polish colors of your choice
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • French manicure guides or tape (optional)
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads
  1. You want to make sure your nails look their best before applying nail polish. For this reason, use a nail polish remover to remove old polish. Shape the nails with a file and take care of the cuticles.
  2. When you are done with all of this, apply a base coat. Allow it to dry, then apply a nail polish color of your choice to the whole nail plate, trying to avoid the tips. You can use French manicure guides or tape if you find it difficult. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Continue by applying the second nail polish color to the tips. Here again, you can help yourself with guides or tape to create a clean edge. Wait until the nail polish is dry.
  4. Carefully remove the guides or tape if you have used any. Move on to applying top coat for more shine as well as to make your beautiful manicure last longer.
  5. Finish by moisturizing your hands with a suitable hydrating hand cream or natural almond oil (you can give your fingers and palms a nice massage to stimulate circulation).
  6. Your own two-tone French manicure is ready!

Inspiring ideas to try in 2023

white and pink french manicure idea trends 2023

The two-tone French manicure can be done in all colors and on all nail lengths. This means that is perfect for everyone! Now we will present you some great and very trendy French manicure ideas. Feel free to recreate a design if you like, or even come up with your own version inspired by our ideas! However you decide to go about it, we’re sure you’ll love your new manicure, and it will catch everyone’s eye!

Unusual purple French manicure

glossy purple french nails unusual manicure design

Purple is a very pleasant color that is extremely feminine and delicate! Why not try combining two tones of purple – a lighter and a darker one? You don’t necessarily have to aim for the perfect nail tips we always associate with French manicures. Instead, you can go for interesting geometric shapes by overlapping the two shades so that their contrast is more visible.

Beautiful white and blue combination

white and blue nail tips nail art trends 2023

Highlight the tips of your nails in a fashionable and amazing way. We don’t have to completely exclude white to achieve a new version of the French manicure. On the contrary, combine it with another, for example blue, by meeting the two colors in the middle of the nail tip. Try to form a sharp triangle under the tip instead of the classic oval shape.

Trendy two-tone peach manicure

trendy apricot manicure lighter and darker shade

Orange is a trendy color in 2023 not only in the world of decoration but also in fashion. It is indeed a great choice to dress your hands in a spring mood right now! Not too fond of vibrant, intense tones? No problem. You can simply opt for a lighter, pastel nail polish shade, like peach for example. The following manicure is a fresh and very inspiring example. Here we can see a combination of two contrasting shades of orange for a very trendy effect. The matte finish and curved line give the fingers an even more chic and modern look.

Two-tone French nails – Photo Gallery

trendy manicure idea pastel color french nails

Pastel colors are still on trend in 2023

pastel colors two tone french nails purple blue green yellow pink

Beautiful white and gold variation

classic white tips french manicure gold stripe

Barbie-inspired French nails

barbie inspired two tone pink french nails

Two-tone green manicure

two tone French nails lighter and darker green avocado manicure

Asymmetrical French design with blue nail polish

blue and white trendy manicure idea 2023

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