What skirt to wear for your shape to really get those heads turning!

by Leanne Edwards

In this article, I’m going to give you the low down on what skirt to wear for your shape. Skirts are so versatile that you can wear them with trainers, heels, boots, wedges and even the good old flip-flop. The problem is, not many women are brave enough to wear them as they don’t know which shape suits them best. Grab yourself a cuppa and let’s get started!

Why wear skirts instead of a good old pair of jeans?

why wear skirts because you can

That is a very good question. The skirt has been around for decades and was popular with ladies wanting to show off their outfits. Today’s generation has started wearing skirts less and less. This is down to the fact that most young women prefer to stick a pair of jeans on – ripped or not, as they are comfiest. They usually pair them with a chunky boot or their favourite trainers. And of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Skirts are usually associated with a more formal look, but there’s nothing to say you can’t jazz one up with a pair of sneakers too!

Are skirts semi-formal, and is there really a way to wear them for a more casual approach?

are skirts semi formal not at all


If you work in lets say an office, it makes a good impression to dress slightly more formal than if you were going to the cinema. A smart skirt whether it’s a maxi, midi or mini skirt teamed up with a smart blouse or top always makes a firm statement. It basically shows that you take pride in dressing appropriately. Another way to wear a skirt, let’s say, leather or denim, is to wear it with a white pair of trainers and your favourite t-shirt. This tones down the formality and shows off a more fun vision.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can I even wear a skirt at all?

what style skirt suits my shape

If you are haunted by the question of “what style suits my shape” not to fear, help is here. I’ve included a picture of some different types of skirts. If your body size is classed as slightly larger, then don’t go for the tight, body fitted type. Instead, try a flattering skirt which starts from the waist and not the hips. This will instantly give accentuation towards the upper body rather than your stomach area. It will always make you feel sexier and more comfortable in your own skin. The same applies for slimmer body sizes. Try out a balloon skirt or even a pencil skirt. Both look equally flattering. At the end of the day, try to remember that all bodies are beautiful!

how to wear a skirt if you have a tummy

How to wear a skirt if you have a tummy? Well, to be honest, the exact same way you would if you didn’t have a one! Obviously, having a bit of extra weight can reduce one’s self-esteem, but does it really need to be that way? There are lots of different types of skirts that actually look gorgeous on, even if you do have that extra bit of fluffiness! For instance, try a nice black mini skirt but don’t wear it on your hips, take it up a notch and position it on your waist. Find a nice t-shirt that you like and wear it tucked in. Trust me on this one. I, too, have a belly and am super self-conscious of wearing dresses or skirts. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s the fact I think they won’t suit my figure, and I’ll end up looking fatter. I can assure you that once you put that outfit on, you’re going to feel great. It’ll also boost your self conscience too. Just give it a go and you’ll see!

What shape skirt should I wear?

awesome contrasted pear figures

Choosing the skirt best suited for your shape may seem like quite a hassle, but did you know that it’s not as scary as you may think. Confidence is key! If you’re wearing something you don’t like, you’re more likely to be uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. Go for a skirt that you actually want to wear, even if you feel like it won’t suit you, as the saying goes – you won’t know until you try!

What type of skirt for apple shape?

what skirt to wear for any occasion with an apple body shape

Apple shaped bodies are most well shown off by wearing flowing skirts. It takes the attention away from all the lumps and bumps and by doing so, you won’t be paranoid to start thinking that everyone is staring at you. Your aim is to get those heads turning and for you to feel absolutely amazing at the same time. There are loads of different types of flowy skirts, pretty patterns and stunning material to help make you feel gorgeous. They can be joined by a plain white tee and denim jacket. Add in some funky jewellery and a pair of white sneakers. There you have it – the perfect dressed up casual look that will make you feel a million dollars! The best types of skirt for apple shape are: Asymmetric, Flip, Bias, Trumpet and A-line.

What type of skirt for pear shape

Pear shaped skirts to suit you
Moving onto the other fruity body type – the pear. With the pear shape you can opt for one of the following types: circle, straight midi, wrap or panelled. Take for example the photo attached, you can easily team a pretty little number with minimal hassle. Go for a body hugging skirt that really shows off those voluptuous curves. It goes really well with a stylish pair of heels and a low cut top.

What skirts are slimming?

Some advice if you want to look slimmer is to go for a dark green or blue, even black skirt with a top of a similar shade tucked in. Pair that outfit with some swanky high-heeled boots and you’ll look instantly thinner. You certainly won’t be left wondering what skirt to wear for your shape. Wearing a skirt with a pattern can also defer a few pounds!

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