Trendy sneakers 2023: Which pairs are going to be worn by everyone? Find out about the top 5 choices

by Kristiyana

It’s no secret that shoes are an important part of any outfit, and sneakers in particular have been at the centre of fashion trends for decades. These comfy shoes come in a variety of styles and can be paired with multiple clothing items to create a completely original look. But the question you have to ask yourselves right now is, which are the newest trends in the world of shoes? Is it still all about comfort? What kind of outfit can you create with these sneakers? Find out about the top 5 choices for trendy sneakers in 2023!

What trendy sneakers are we going to see in 2023?

runner shoes 2023_trendy sneakers 2023

According to top designers and experts, for 2023 we are going to witness many celebrity looks featuring a comfortable and stylish pair of trendy sneakers. I mean, yes, you want to add a little spice to your outfit with a pair of high heels. But at the end of the day, the modern woman doesn’t want to sacrifice her comfort for style. Don’t you agree?  Sneakers are here to stay and slay! These shoes have become an essential part of expressing yourself and your lifestyle. For this year, be sure that you will see many new and retro models being sported by your favourite celebs. How to get they’re look? Just keep on reading!

The retro soccer sneaks

adidas samba sneakers_trendy sneakers 2023


For anyone who accepts Hailey Bieber as their fashion inspiration, you must have noticed her retro soccer sneaks. The Samba, Adidas sneakers are a favourite of Hailey, as well as Kendall Jenner. You can see them wearing the sneakers with casual gym clothing or even dolled-up looks for a night out. Sport these comfortable retro sneaks with white ankle socks, denim bottoms and a black leather jacket like Hailey here for an A-list look.

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Hiker sneakers 2023

hiker sneakers_trendy sneakers 2023

You think hiker sneakers are just for going on a hike? Well, the sneaker trends for 2023 are here to prove you wrong! This sporty pair of shoes has been spotted on my celebs over the past few months. From Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski, hiker sneaks are here to prove you that you can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Plus, you will always be ready for a long walk or run if you feel like one! You can wear them in a bright colour, but hiker sneaks in black and white are also going to be trending all throughout the year.

The sporty silver shoes

sneaker trends 2023_sporty silver sneakers


Why not buy yourself a new pair of trendy sneaks that are glamorous and comfortable at the same time? Here come the sporty silver runner shoes! These sneaks would look great when worn with a pair of leggings and white T. And if you want to go for a more-daring look, pair them with a girly dress. Look feminine while being comfy in your feet. You can’t go wrong with a little precious metal in an outfit.

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Nostalgia sneaks 2023

classic white tennis shoes_trendy sneakers 2023

When it comes to the trendy sneakers for 2023, we can certainly confirm that blasts from the past will also be welcomed this year. Classic pairs are going to be brought back to life. Think of the classic white tennis shoes. According to experts, white sneakers are currently one of the most searched for pair of shoes in the USA. And it’s no wonder. White sneaks are super stylish and can easily be paired with any item of clothing. Just look at Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney super cute and casual white tennis sneakers look.

Welcome to the 80s!

high top adidas sneakers_bella hadid sneakers

Don’t know if it’s all that Stranger Things hype, or just the common obsession with past trends, but 80s high tops are currently having their moment. People are going crazy trying to get their hands on a pair of these sneaks. And if you need more proof, just look at Bella Hadid’s street-style look. The high top sneakers are definitely making their comeback in 2023. Pair the shoes with a baby doll dress and an oversized leather coat. This outfit will surely make a statement.

No matter the style you go for, be sure to pick out a pair of sneakers that is personalized to your own preferences and identity, and one that feels comfortable. With the 5 trendy options in this article, you can make an easier choice when picking out your new pair of sneaks. And if you happen to be missing some of the trends from 2022, you can pick out some of these stylish sneakers. Enjoy!

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