Women’s hairstyles 2023: Short cut that hides the ears in 8 flattering styles for all ages

by Kristiyana

Have you ever wanted to cut your hair? You’re on the right track because short haircuts are in! Plus, it’s one of the most Googled beauty trends in the world. There’s something very satisfying about removing unnecessary layers and replacing long, heavy locks with something looser and lighter. Whether you’re going for a soft pixie hairstyle, or just want to cut your length a bit to reach the inches of a bob, shaving it all off can make you feel totally comfortable. Better still, it can save you the time-consuming blow-drying and styling sessions. So which short cut that hides the ears do you prefer in 2023 to look good and stylish, no matter your age?

What’s the hottest short cut that hides the ears for 2023?


According to beauty experts, there is no single answer to this question, as 2023 will be all about experimenting with bespoke hairstyles. When you think of short haircuts, there is so much variety—from pixie cuts, through short mullets, to styles that are longer at the front and shorter at the back. Also think of the 2000s haircuts you saw on Winona Ryder.

Short hair will generally be the big trend in 2023. Young girls, as well as women over 40, will really get into this face-flattering fashion. You see a lot of models doing it at the moment, we’ve seen it a lot on the catwalk. It gives you so much originality and makes you stand out—it’s really striking.

Indeed, one of the styles we’ll be seeing more and more of is the new modernized mullet or wolf cut, which model Mia Regan is currently sporting. We’re keeping it long and opting for a slightly micro fringe. This gives versatility as the shape remains rounded, which allows for a lot of softness. It’s about creating a fairly short cut and leaving some length in the back to give it that modern feel. But this hairstyle is also versatile because of the fringe. It can be flattering on all face shapes, depending on where you leave the length.

How do I choose the right short hairstyle for my face?



As for choosing your cut, the best way to find the perfect short hairstyle for 2023 is to pick a look that you would like to copy. Then ask yourself if it would work on your face shape and hair type. If you’re still not sure, take a picture to your hairstylist, ask what would be possible, and get their recommendations on how to modify it to suit you best.

In reality, it is a question of looking at the details. You may need to keep a little more length visible from the front. It can really shape the face and give more elegance to the chin. You may want to leave the bangs a bit longer, which will allow you to move them around and give you more versatility in the front. You can also leave the top much longer and cut the back and sides shorter, so you have that versatility as well. There are all kinds of shapes and lengths for a short haircut! All of this can contribute to massively changing the shape of your head. It’s really about identifying your beautiful features and showcasing them with the short haircut itself.

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Short cut that hides the ears 2023: 8 chic styles

We’ve rounded up the coolest short cut that hides the ears ideas from Instagram women and celebrities. Browse through them, take screenshots and get inspired before your next visit to the salon!

The French bob is back in 2023. It’s short, it’s sexy and low maintenance


The mullet cut is extravagant and daring in its short version


Rowan Blanchard made us reconsider the boy cut…


Ciara’s laid back bob looks chilled thanks to her slightly tousled bangs


Dua Lipa stepped out in New York recently with an ultra chic and short blunt bob cut


We love the pixie cut with side bangs, inspired by the 2000s


Look at the vintage edge that the curls add to this short bob


Actress Jamie Alexander looks stunning with her graduated razor cut


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