What sneakers to wear at 60 to keep up with the trends without losing comfort? 14 inspirational looks!

by Kristiyana

If you still think that you should not wear sneakers because you have already blown out your 60th birthday, it is high time to think again. Timeless, chic and versatile, sneakers are undoubtedly the new fashion ally of trendy 60-year-olds. With them, you are sure to walk the streets in style without losing comfort. However, it is important to choose a model that is neither too youthful nor too mature. So, what sneakers to wear at 60? How to pull them off? What about dad shoes? Deavita.net takes stock of the situation to help you stay on top of the trends in your sixties!

How to dress and feel good after 60?


With age, everything changes! Your figure shrinks, hair turns white, and the skin loses its suppleness. But that doesn’t mean you have to dress like an old lady! No, the number sixty no longer associates with old age. Should we then wear a skirt? Yes, as long as it’s knee-length to hide the wrinkled skin around it. To look younger after 60, there’s nothing better than a good pair of high-waisted jeans to hide your tummy or ultra-comfortable Mom jeans that hide your saddlebags.



Trench coat, jeans, blazer, cashmere jumper… In short, there’s no age limit for basics! When it comes to women’s shoes, 60-year-olds should leave the slippers behind and wear sneakers ! Just like jeans and the other basic pieces mentioned, sneakers have a rejuvenating effect. They guarantee a stylish and comfortable look at any age. So what more could you want after your sixties? All you have to do is choose the right model!

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What sneakers to wear at 60 and look fabulous?


When you’re 60 or over, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to shoes! However, the ideal fashion ally for mature women is sneakers. In addition to rejuvenating an outfit, they allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances. What kind of sneakers should you buy after 60? Quality ones, of course! Opt for leather sneakers that don’t go out of fashion, are easy to care for and go with everything. The idea is not to adopt a trendy model, but rather a pair that you feel comfortable in.

When it comes to colour, opt for sober sneakers in black, white, beige, or grey that will go with your entire wardrobe. As for coloured sneakers, they are also a must after sixty to spice up an outfit that is a little too basic. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the shops of Converse, Golden Goose or New Balance. These brands offer timeless, elegant and practical sneakers that are suitable for all ages!

How to stay stylish and feminine in sneakers after 60?


Just as you don’t have to give up jeans at 60, don’t deprive yourself of wearing sneakers ! These two pieces have the ability to rejuvenate any look, while remaining resolutely easy to adopt. What’s more, they work wonderfully together… and Claire Chazal obviously knows this. A pair of high-waisted black jeans to hide the little belly, a grey blazer jacket, white leather sneakers and that’s it! For a chic city outfit, replace the jeans with white trousers, add a cashmere jumper and a wool coat. And do you know what trousers to wear at 60? Discover the top 5 must-have models!

When the weather returns, sneakers are a perfect accompaniment to a denim jacket and printed trousers. The same goes for a trouser suit. The right outfit idea? Cigarette trousers, a navy blue blazer, a light jumper and white or beige sneakers to play on the contrasts. And because age doesn’t forgive anyone in the neck area, add a scarf to camouflage the wrinkles. In short: at 60, opt for classic and timeless pieces to stay true to yourself in the face of ever-changing fashion. For more fashion inspiration on the subject, check out Linda Wright’s photo gallery below on how to stay stylish and feminine in sneakers after 60.

What sneakers to avoid after the age of 60?



In this section, we’re not telling you to give up your favourite sneakers if you feel comfortable in them. We’re just telling you to avoid the big, imposing, logo-laden models that young, trendy girls go crazy for. Instead, replace the famous dad shoes with a chic and practical pair. XL soles are only for Grece Ghanem. Okay, but what shoes to wear after 60?

When it comes to winter shoes for 60-year-olds, there’s nothing like a pair of soft boots to look good. The same goes for men’s shoes with flat heels such as black loafers, Chelsea boots, derbies or richelieu. As for colours, choose black, brown, beige, khaki green and burgundy red. In summer, opt for espadrilles. Ergonomic and timeless, they let your feet breathe while making them look great.

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