What trousers to wear at 60 and over for a young and stylish look? Top 5 must-have models

by Kristiyana

How to dress at 60 to combine style and comfort while remaining at the top of the fashion trends? Of course, after a certain age, you have to choose your clothes more carefully and respect some valuable rules. On the agenda today: What trousers to wear at 60? Which models should you pick to create a stylish and polished look? To help you avoid headaches and fashion mistakes, our editors have found the 5 models that best suit 60-year-olds. As a bonus, we give you some tips on how to combine them properly. Let’s go!

What trousers to wear at 60? 5 must-have models for a top look!


Contrary to popular belief, women’s fashion at 60 has a lot to offer and deserves our special attention. After having shown you how and which skirt to wear at 60, we now move on to another essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe, whatever her age: the trousers! From the timeless jeans to the suit, to the palazzo… there is something for everyone. So don’t delay and read on to discover the model that best suits your preferences. Let’s get started!

Jeans for 60-year-old women—the wardrobe essential for all ages



20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and more… jeans are always with us! Thanks to the wide range of cuts, sizes, colours and styles, this star piece of our wardrobes is suitable for all ages and preferences. What’s more, jeans can be combined in many different ways without any fuss, the main thing being to find the cut that best enhances your figure. The first model to choose is the flare jean, which has the ability to flatter all body types and give them character. With its flared cut, this piece makes the thighs disappear, lifts the figure and is suitable for both short and tall women.

Flare jeans can be worn with literally any type of shoe, but we recommend that you opt for platform or high-heeled shoes, like Grece Ghanem did in the image above. When it comes to clothes, think about the total denim look or wearing a white shirt—another great essential to any girl’s wardrobe. Select a loose-fitting coat in cold weather and a denim one or leather jacket in spring and summer.


What other jeans should you wear over 60? Fill up on straight styles and roll up the ends if necessary for a youthful look. Go for slightly wide and high-waisted designs to avoid emphasizing thighs and calves and to elongate the figure. Trainers, loafers, ankle boots… you’re spoilt for choice in terms of combinations with shoes!

Can you wear cargo trousers at age 60 and over?


Straight out of the 2000s, cargo trousers have made a comeback to become the big winter trend for 2021/2022 with lots of class. And women’s fashion trends for 60 years olds in 2023 says YES to them! Cargo trousers are worn in neutral colours, with warm boots, and we dare to use the colour block trend a la Grece Ghanem and Kendall Jenner to energize and rejuvenate the look.

What trousers for a 60-year-old woman? Dare to wear a velvet flare!



Like flare jeans, velvet flare trousers harmonize and structure the figure without emphasizing the thighs and calves. Choose shoes, accessories and other clothes according to the occasion. Somali model Iman picked dark purple velvet flare trousers with a matching shirt and a colourful blazer. How about you?

Tailored trousers for formal occasions


What trousers should you wear at 60 for formal occasions? Suits are the best choice because they adapt to all body types and can be combined without any fuss. A white shirt and a pair of derby shoes are enough to complete the look.

Suit trousers are best worn with heels and pointy toes


Choose wide-leg trousers to give yourself a fresh look


Are you dreaming of a young and fresh look? Go for the 60-year-old woman’s fashion trend which is the wide trousers and give yourself a top look! Go for a high waist and don’t hesitate with bold and colourful models. When it comes to shoes, anything is possible.


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