What skirt to wear at 60 and what shoes to wear it with? 5 models that make you younger

by Kremy

Whatever the season and the age, the skirt is a timeless and essential part of the wardrobe of trendy girls. Thanks to the wide range of colors, sizes and designs it offers, every woman will find the model that suits her best. As for young girls, we know that all daring is allowed. But what about ladies in their sixties? What skirt to wear at 60 to look younger and stay fashionable at the same time? To avoid headaches and create a top look, our editors reveal the 5 skirts to wear after your sixties.

what skirt to wear at 60 models that make you look younger

What skirt to wear at 60? The 5 models to make you look younger and energize the silhouette!

60-year-old women’s fashion has a lot to offer us and demands our very special attention! Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends are quite popular among people in their 60s and everyone wants to get a fresh and rejuvenating look. Today, we look a timeless piece that every woman, regardless of age, must have: Her Majesty, the skirt! But how to wear it when you are 60 and over and which models to choose? Before revealing them to you, it is important to note that high-waist skirts are recommended due to their ability to flatter all silhouettes. So, find the explanation in the paragraphs below!

Say yes to the long skirt!

long skirt for women over 60 fashion tips to look younger


Whatever your style and body shape, there is a long skirt for everyone! These models, preferably high-waist, are the most popular, as they help to lengthen the silhouette and conceal imperfections. In addition to covering the legs, the long skirt for women over 60 will also hide the belly. If you’re petite, it’s best to avoid mid-length pieces that create the illusion of shorter legs. Choose models that go down to the ankles instead. For a very chic sixties woman look, wear your long skirt with boots or ankle boots in autumn-winter, trendy sneakers in spring or even sandals in summer.

The pencil skirt embodies elegance at any age

how to wear a skirt at 60 rejuvenating pencil skirt Anna Wintour

The “pencil” is probably the most stylish skirt model a woman can wear, regardless of age. An ideal choice for formal occasions, this skirt for women over 60 elongates the silhouette and pairs perfectly with high heels or derbies to combine chic and comfort.

What skirt to wear at 60 to boost your look? Go for pleated models!

how to wear a pleated skirt fashion tips

Chic, airy and ideal for every occasion, a pleated skirt is to be worn at 60, even on a daily basis. These models are most flattering for curvy women because of their particularly light and flowing look which complements the silhouette. Adapt the length of the skirt to your size and wear with boots, ankle boots, sneakers… all of these are allowed.

What about a short skirt for women over 60?

how to wear short skirt at 60 Julianne Moore fashion tips that make you look younger

Can I wear a short skirt at 60? The real question is: what’s stopping you? A trendy and ultra-feminine piece, the mini-skirt has been an integral part of girls’ wardrobes for decades. As for older women, the only limit is their willingness to reveal their legs. If you are ready to take the plunge, we advise you to get flowing models that tend to lighten the figure and create a more youthful look. In the summer, feel free to choose colorful skirts and make sure to avoid colors that make you look older like black, red and dark brown.

How to wear a short skirt at 60? In winter, think of boots, ankle boots, sweaters and long coats. During the warmer months, a leather or denim jacket will do just fine. As for shoes, opt for sneakers or sandals. If you tolerate high heels well, go for it!

An asymmetrical skirt for a young and dynamic look

how to wear asymmetrical skirt at 60 Greece Ghanem fashion tips that rejuvenate

Grece Ghanem is the living proof that style has no age! Today, we are inspired by her long asymmetrical skirt whose flow and lightness are perfect for all body types. There is a model for every season and for every preference. Asymmetrical skirts can be worn both with boots and with elegant high-heeled sandals.



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