Which jeans to wear over 60? 3 rules you must follow + tips and tricks for choosing the right pair!

by Kristiyana

Nothing is more classic than denim, and once you have a pair of jeans you like, they will be a staple in your wardrobe for many years to come. However, it’s not always easy to find the perfect pair. This is true at any age, but with so many brands targeting a younger audience these days, it can be even harder for older women. So if you’re wondering which jeans you can wear over 60 and what to look for when buying a pair, here’s a comprehensive guide!

Which jeans to wear over 60: The right waist size


Jeans come in different waist heights, such as high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise. Find the best fit for yourself depending on your body type and comfort factor. It also depends on what kind of tops you like to wear. If you prefer to tuck your tops into your trousers, mid-waist or high-waist jeans are better. Low-rise jeans you can wear with long tops. But let’s face it, low-rise jeans flatter very few people. However, the opposite is true for high-waisted ones. These are more flattering as you age because they elongate the legs while concealing belly fat.

For pear-shaped women over 60, stylists recommend high-waisted flare jeans to hide the tummy and create an hourglass shape.

Pay attention to the jean pockets



Which jeans to wear over 60? The back pockets may be the last thing you pay attention to, but according to stylists, they can make a big difference. Attached back pockets add volume, which is a good thing as you age. However, make sure they don’t sit too low or are too big, as this will create the optical illusion of a deeper, wider bottom. If you have a fuller figure around the hips, slanted pockets provide a slimming effect.

Also pay attention to the placement of the pockets. Side seamed pockets are flared and make wide hips look even bigger. Horizontal front pockets with flaps are more flattering if you carry a little more weight around your hips.

Choose the right colour for your body shape


Of course, the first rule of style is to wear what you feel comfortable in, and if that’s a pair of white or lighter coloured jeans, great! However, if you want a slimming effect, opt for a dark wash or black denim. When it comes to the colour of your jeans, the trick is to know what you want to accentuate or tone down and dress accordingly. Remember that dark colours are camouflaging. So if you want to smooth, conceal or minimize something, choose a dark denim colour.

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Invest in a classic pair of boot cut jeans


When asking yourselves how to wear jeans after turning 60, the most universally flattering jean cut is the classic bootleg. Thanks to its trendy silhouette, long hem and overall elongating effect, it suits all figures. A straight cut or a boot cut jean stretches the silhouette without accentuating problem areas.

These jeans also make selecting a shoe model easier, as they are specially designed to be paired with boots. Combine bootleg jeans, ankle boots and a fitted jacket to create an elegant and classic look.

Which jeans to wear over 60: Further tips


Sizes vary greatly from brand to brand, so experts say you shouldn’t go shopping with a specific number in mind. However, finding the perfect pair of jeans is about more than just making sure they zip up. Sit down, squat down and bend over, so you know how practical and comfortable the pair will be in your everyday life.

It is also a good idea to try on your future jeans with the top and shoes you will wear them with most often. If you have a great pair of flats, they might not go well with boot-cut jeans. Or if you have a longer top that can’t be tucked into pants, it might look weird with high-waisted jeans.


Conclusion: Now that you know what jeans women over 60 should wear, you can find the best option for you. Remember: always buy jeans that you feel comfortable in.

The right jeans are the ones that are easy to style up and down, look good with different tops, suit your body type and do not irritate you. Choosing the right top is also important for a coherent look. If you opt for wide and long tops and wide leg jeans, you will not look neat. Good luck ladies!

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