How to Choose a Trendy Handbag for 60 Year Old Woman?

by Kristiyana

Want to treat yourself to a new handbag to celebrate your sixties in style? Certainly, an excellent decision that will make you happy. But a question remains: which model to choose? Rest assured, there is something for everyone! Focus today on the bag for women aged 60 through the trendy and practical models to shop this season!

What Colour Handbag Goes with Everything?

what colour handbag for a 60 year old woman

Before revealing the must-have handbag models for women over 60, it is essential first of all to give you a good fashion tip. Consider buying a bag in a versatile colour, meaning a shade that goes with everything. So not only will you save money, but you will also wear your favourite model with everything. Among the shades to favour, we first cite neutral colours, preferably nude or even brown. Then, it is particularly black which adapts to all outfits and which will not get dirty easily.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ban prints. On the contrary! These models are always popular and can be worn by all ages. We have proof!

How to Choose a Trendy Handbag for 60 Year Old Woman?

handbag trend fall winter 2023 suit chic neutral colours


Can’t find the perfect handbag at 60? Need a piece that is both trendy and practical? Don’t panic, because our fashion editors are once again coming to your rescue, and they have found the top models to shop today!

The Brown Crocodile-Effect Leather Bag a.k.a. The Piece That Never Goes Out of Style

handbag for 60 year old woman chic outfit idea

A handbag generally reserved for older women, the brown leather croc-effect model is always trendy, and it brings a business aspect to your look. This timeless piece is available in a wide range of sizes. However, we recommend that you stock up on the tote model which allows you to carry more things and which is ideal for everyday life. On the other hand, opt for the mini format for your evenings with friends.

Note that the brown crocodile-effect leather bag is designed to be worn with a workwear outfit. Sporty and casual pieces should be avoided. As for shoes, think about comfortable and elegant models such as sling back shoes, the trendy fall winter 2023 shoes that are currently causing a sensation.

The Tote Bag: The Bag for 60 Year Old Woman That You Absolutely Must Have

handbag for 60 year old woman tote bag fall clothes

Speaking of a handbag for a 60-year-old woman that is both practical and trendy, it is essential to mention the star model – the famous tote bag. The it-piece of the fall-winter season allows you to carry a lot of stuff, including a jacket, just in case. You can even do your shopping with this trendy bag. Unlike the brown leather bag, the tote bag adapts to a casual chic outfit. This is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, sizes and shapes, and you will definitely discover the piece that best suits your style. And if you want to invest in a durable and high-end model, the major luxury brands offer them!

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which bag for a 60 year old woman fashion the practical and trendy tote bag

The black leather tote bag is the perfect model to get urgently! This handbag for women aged 60 goes with all your daily outfits to offer you optimal comfort given its dimensions. How to combine it to create a top outfit? Don’t hesitate to wear the leather jacket after 50, as well as white jeans. These two pieces will rejuvenate you right away!

Leopard Print As a Daring Choice of Handbag for 60 Year Old Woman

handbag for 60 year old woman leopard print

Believe it or not, wearing leopard print in fall and at 60 is totally possible! The main thing, however, is to adopt it sparingly. Nothing better than a leopard patterned handbag to energize your look and give it an exotic touch. Combine this model with simpler clothes like jeans for women over 60 and a black blazer jacket. If heels aren’t your cup of tea, put on your favourite sneakers.

Now, let’s look at some ideas in the images below!

Mid-sized crossbody bag is ideal for daytime hiking

handbag trend 2023 for 60 year old woman with elegant clothes

Iconic colour of fall, brown takes over our trendy bags

trendy brown handbag for a 60 year old woman

Practical and trendy, the tote bag is the must-have bag for 60-year-old women

fashion trend fall 2023 handbag for 60 year old women

At 60, we opt for practical, trendy and versatile handbags!

what bag for a 60 year old woman with jeans blazer jacket shoes

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