How to Wear Leather Jacket after 50? Modern, Stylish and Feminine Looks for older Women!

by Anjelina

There are clothes and accessories that never go out of style, no matter the fashion trends that come and go. The leather jacket is just such an example. For years, it has occupied an important place in the wardrobe of both men and women of all ages. The many options for combinations with other clothes and the well-shaped silhouette it creates make it so popular and preferred by everyone. In today’s article, we will see the ways to wear leather jackets when you are a woman over 50 so that you look stylish, fashionable, comfortable, and feel good!

What leather jacket to choose if you are over 50?

dark green leather jacket paired with red trousers

Older women should stick to the classic leather jacket models that add elegance and a well-groomed look. As for colors, you can go for the traditional black or brown, but other darker options would also suit you well (burgundy, navy blue or dark green, for example). In this line of thought, it’s a good idea to avoid brighter colors. Also, give importance to the good quality and craftsmanship of the jacket – you won’t regret it!

How do you wear a leather jacket over 50?

The leather jacket is definitely not just for young people. It also looks great on women in their 50s, 60s and beyond, regardless of their body shape. A leather jacket can rejuvenate and refresh a woman’s appearance at an older age and is even recommended to be worn. The best option is a classic version of a black leather biker jacket that pairs well with almost anything in the wardrobe. It’s also a good idea to have a high-quality one, as it has many more advantages over cheap faux leather and will last much longer.

What to wear leather jacket with?

how to wear a leather jacket after 50 red leather jacket winter skirt


Now you’re probably wondering what to wear leather jacket with? The answer is very short – with everything! We’re going to give you some great suggestions on what to pair it with, so you look and feel great! Get inspired by the looks and ideas we have for you and wear your leather jacket with confidence!

Leather jacket and jeans

how to wear leather jacket and jeans

One of the most preferred combinations by both younger and older ladies is a leather jacket and jeans. Besides the comfort it creates, the look is very suitable for different types of occasions. You can go for a classic version of blue jeans, the boyfriend type, or if you like your body enough, feel free to wear a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans that also pair well with a leather jacket. Choose a blouse in a neutral color to keep the look simple. As for the shoes – they can be a pair of comfortable sneakers, loafers or even high heel boots.

blue jeans and leather jacket idea for women over 50

In addition to the classic blue jeans, you can also choose black jeans, which go well with many colors of leather jackets. For example, with a brown or burgundy one. The other elements of your outfit should be carefully chosen so that color harmony is achieved. Add a small accent like a patterned lightweight scarf to contrast with your darker clothes.

black leather jacket and pants neutral color blouse patterned scarf

Regular fit trousers

regular fit high waisted burgundy trousers striped shirt black leather jacket

As with jeans, the leather jacket pairs well with classic regular fit trousers. The silhouette is elegant, fashionable and most importantly – age-appropriate. Try pairing high-waisted trousers in а color of your choice, a striped shirt tucked into them and a dark leather jacket that can just be draped over the shoulders. Choose a stylish bag and shoes to complete the look.

А dress for a feminine look

classic silhouette dress and black leather jacket

A leather jacket combined with a feminine garment like a dress looks harmonious and somewhat natural. When it comes to choosing a dress, you can stick to a monochrome model in a calm or pastel color that is not quite body-hugging, but looser. The length should be just below the knee or at knee level.

animal print long loose dress black leather jacket and boots

Try bolder combinations if that’s your style! A leather jacket looks great with an animal print dress, like leopard or snake print. It’s good to stick to looser cuts again. The black jacket does so to “balance” the look, toning down the too extravagant print and creating the feeling of a very stylish and modern look. It’s a good idea to choose shoes and accessories that also don’t “catch” the eye.

Leather jacket and skirts

black leather jacket and skirt combination trends 2023

You can also pair your leather jacket with a skirt. The best options are midi and maxi skirts, as they will look the most harmonious. A high waist is also preferable with a tucked in blouse in a neutral color and tastefully chosen accessories.

maxi skirt leopard print black leather jacket women over 50

Skirt styles can also be different. It all depends on what look you want to achieve. You can go for more classic models in a single color, or choose bolder patterns and prints (as we’ve already mentioned, these look great with a dark leather jacket).

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