Heels for women over 50: Let’s try to combine comfort with modernity!

by Gabby

Do you follow fashion trends even after 50? What is your staple piece in the wardrobe that you can’t live without? If you love wearing heels, then this article is for you! Age should definitely not dictate the rules when it comes to fashion. You can always find the right heels that combine the trendy with the comfortable. Of course, the shoes should also be suitable for your lifestyle. How to choose the right heels for women over 50? What are the fashion trends for this spring 2023? I will show you today!

Heels for women over 50: Let’s try to combine comfort with modernity!

heels for women over 50 shoes fashion trends 2023 spring

When it comes to heels, what do you think about first – the comfort or fashion? Why not try to combine both? I know that us women have a pretty busy everyday life and we cannot wear heels all the time. However, it is good to let our femininity shine with a pair that will make our legs look longer and our outfits more expensive! I know that with age, there are certain things that we should be careful with, especially the bone density. There are some risks when wearing heels, like falling for example. That is why, you have to make sure to choose the right pair for your feet! If they hurt, throw them away! Now, let’s focus on the heels spring fashion trends that you will absolutely fall in love with!

Chunky square heels for women over 50

chunky square heels for women over 50 2023 spring fashion trends


Wondering why you should choose those chunky square heels over your classic stilettos? The answer is very simple, they are much more comfortable and much more secure. A square heel will give you more security while you step and so you can look more confident. Also, this closed toe shoes are super trendy and brands like Gucci never stop surprising us with their designs. How to combine them? Put on your favorite midi pleated skirt or maybe a midi satin skirt and pair it with these shoes. For a top, you can wear a t-shirt, a shirt for a more elegant look or maybe a slim fit sweater.

Heeled loafers for women over 50

how to wear heeled loafers in 2023 women over 50 fashion trends

Loafers are those classic shoes we’ve been seeing more and more of lately. If we are talking about trendy shoes, they are certainly on top of the category. Many celebrities are incorporating them in their outfits. You can spice up your look with loafers that have a heel and pair them with jeans which will make your look more casual. And if you are looking for an inspiration on how to wear your jeans after 60, check out these outfits!

Spring Fashion trends 2023

shoes spring fashion trends for women over 50 2023 red sandals heels

If you do like to wear thin heels, opt for a shoe model that has a square shape in the front. This will provide more room for your toes and so your feet won’t hurt. I know red is not everyone’s cup of tea. But in spring 2023, it will be one of the trendiest colors. I guess you saw that Rihanna was dressed from top to bottom in that bright red at the Super Bowl. Back to these gorgeous shoes, how to match them you may ask? Since they are in such a bold shade, you can let them be the star of the show. Or if you are brave enough, you can do a monochrome look and dress in red.

Kitten heels

kitten heels for women over 50 shoes spring trends 2023

What is the point of a kitten heel if you can barely even see it? Well, we all want to avoid blisters on our feet right? If you have a lot of walking to do, but still want to look like a fashion icon, I suggest trying them out! They may look funny to some people, however this year’s trends speak differently. They are certainly back in the game and we are going to see the kitten heels a lot more! Match them with jeans, skirts, dresses and pretty much anything you have in your closet. I would describe them like the perfect symbiosis of casual and chic.

Metallic shoes

silver chrome ankle boots metallic shoes trends 2023

I know that you are probably thinking, how am I going to wear these shoes after 50? I will tell you how, with a lot of self-confidence like this beauty on the picture, that’s how! Metallic shoes are for the bold ladies, for sure. However, imagine that you are wearing a regular pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and you are missing something. These ankle boots will complete your look and make you feel like a top model!

Other heels for women over 50

square heels brown shoes fashion style mature women

Gold strappy stilettos 

gold stilettos for women over 50 heels fashion trends

Suede black ankle boots 

suede black ankle boots women fashion shoe trends 2023

White Mary Poppins shoes 

white mary poppins shoes women fashion trends

Heeled sandals with flowers 

heeled sandals with flowers women shoe trends 2023

Black Kitten heels 

black kitten heels for women over 50

Pink square heels with a strap 

pink square heels with a strap for women over 50

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