How to choose bangs for curly hair? 15 trendy hairstyles with bangs to try for your curled locks

by Kristiyana

By now, you probably know, that haircuts featuring bangs will be rocked all throughout 2023. You have curtain bangs, baby bangs, blunt bangs, feathered, etc. Numerous fabulous options to choose from! However, when you have straight hair the choice can be a lot easier, as bangs are more effortlessly pulled off with this type of hair texture. You don’t have as much maintenance there. But when it comes to naturally curly or frizzy hair, not every girl can create a fab look, or she doesn’t know which type of bangs would fit her curls best. For you curly gals, let me make your choice easier with 15 trendy hairstyles featuring bangs for curly hair. Let’s go!

Baby bangs for mid-length curly hair


Why not try a set of super cute baby bangs to go with your medium length haircut? They create a sweet look, but still show half of your forehead if you don’t want to hide all of it.

Shoulder-length curly bob with fringe



Are you ready to go for this perfect curly bob with bangs look? This haircut would suit all hair types. Plus, the styling is minimal. Go for layers, which will ensure that your beautiful curls dry in a perfect spiral form.

Short blonde hair with curtain bangs


Up for trying a bangs hairstyle with your loose curls? The addition of face-framing curtain bangs will make this haircut all the more appealing. And the dirty blonde hue is just to die for.

Long curly hair with side part bangs


Some say that side part bangs are a thing of the past. But we at can’t help but fall head over heels for this gorgeous curly cut! Definitely think it’s worth the try.

60s Brigitte Bardon blonde hairstyle


And who doesn’t love a good retro 60s hairstyle? Especially one inspired by the icon Brigitte Bardot. Opt for a set of curtain bangs with a trendy shaggy haircut. With this cut, it’s all about the volume. Make sure you use a volumizing hairspray.

Trendy curly pixie cut with bangs


Any fans of the all-time classic and trendy pixie cut? If you have curly hair, you can easily pull off this hairstyle. Make sure you use a quality mousse and blow-drier for optimum appeal.

Copper red hair with curtain bangs


Did you know that copper red hair is set to be one of the trendiest hair colours for 2023? And it would look mesmerizing on your natural curly or wavy hair! Opt for a stunning and effortless look with a set of curtain bangs.

Long layered curly hair with bangs


When you have long curly hair, often the lengths will require more care and styling. To keep your curls looking vibrant and healthy, make sure you use a moisturizing leave-in product like a hair milk. Follow up with a shea butter defining curl cream and gel.

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Large ringlets with highlights and fringe


What about trying a beautiful short ringlets look with a fringe and some highlights? To achieve these defining curls, use a hair bounce product, a curl balm and some gel to hold it in place.

Cute red curls with wispy bangs haircut


Oh, I just love this! A super cute look featuring red curls and a set of wispy bangs. If your hair is very curly, make sure to leave a bit of length to weight don your curls. Opt for square layers to get the perfect balance in your hair.

Can frizzy hair have bangs?

A lot of people and even hair experts might say that girls with curly or frizzy hair can’t achieve a good bangs look, but we don’t think this is really the case. The secret to getting beautiful bangs on curly or frizzy hair is just that they will require more styling. Also, once you decide to get them, make sure you discuss with your stylist how would they look best depending on your hair type and texture. Taking all of this into consideration, you should be able to pull off bangs with ease!

Bangs on shoulder-length frizzy hair


Told you it was possible! Embrace your frizziness with this gorgeous bangs on curly hair hairstyle!

70s curly shaggy hair with bangs


Another trendy shaggy cut with bangs? You bet! It’s not only about 60s trends, but 70s hairstyles are being rocked by a lot of girls as well. Would you dare try it yourself?

Beautiful highlighted curls with bangs


Natural curly layers, ringlet bangs and some beautiful sun-kissed highlights? What’s not to love about this hairstyle? Plus, it doesn’t require too much styling.

Blunt bob cut with coiled bangs


And how can you not combine a curly short layered bob with bangs? Cut it blunt, and let your curly locks run wild. Use a leave-in detangling milk, towel dry and brush your hair thoroughly to spread the product. Use a curl defining product as a finish.

Very long curly hair with bangs


Long curly hair would look even more captivating with a set of trendy bangs. To get this look, make sure you style your hair in smaller curl clumps. Add a texturing spray to finish it off.


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