Fashion color trends 2023: Let’s dive into the bright color palette!

by Gabby

Dressing fashionably isn’t just about choosing the right pieces of clothing. There’s a little secret that I’m sure most of you know. You have to choose the right colors as well! Of course, it’s not every day that we wake up with the urge to experiment and we end up wearing something black, beige or white. But in 2023, the fashion trends are all about these colors for the bold ones and those who are ready to dive into that bright color palette. What are the fashion color trends 2023? I will show you everything you need to know, straight from the runway!

Fashion color trends 2023: Dive into the bright color palette!

violet haze purple outfit inspiration

2023 will be all about vibrant, bold colors that make an impression. Pantone recently released their color of the year for 2023, which hints that the shades this year will be bright and eye-catching. People will be drawn to strong colors like yellow, orange and green for their clothing, makeup and home decor choices. We are already seeing a shift away from the muted gray and whites of the last few years to a bolder selection of color palettes. So get ready for an explosion of rainbow hues in 2023!

Lime green or electric green

lime green outfit inspiration fashion trends 2023


This year’s color trends are heavily influenced by the beginning of our new era, which is all about the experiments and being bold!  The shades of 2023 are expected to reflect the modern, expressive and eclectic essence of the modern world we live in. We will most likely see a mix of bold, unique color palettes that incorporate both natural and vibrant elements, such as this lime green. You can see it in different hues on the runway. Some designers chose to implement the electric nuance, while others choose the lime green shade. You can match them with white, or if you are brave enough try a monochromatic outfit.

Fashion color trends 2023: Hot red

kendall jenner outfit inspiration hot red saffron siren

Hues of precious gemstones will be in fashion, allowing you to express yourself with eye-catching colors that are both playful and sophisticated. This ruby red color will be a total hit! We already say Rhianna wearing it at the Super Bowl 2023 and she look amazing! How to wear it? Well, with a shade like that you have to go all out, there is no other way! You can opt for a monochrome outfit like Kendall Jenner, or match it with black or white. The monochrome outfits are super trendy in 2023, since they give you this chic look!

rhianna super bowl outfit inspiration hot red 2023 color trends

Shades of purple

valentino purple outfit feathers fashion trends women


Muted pastels like this lavender purple color will be among the favorite color trends this year. They give this feeling of joy, peace and tranquility. All shades of purple will be seen on the runways in 2023. I know you’re probably wondering what to pair these really brave shades. But let me tell you, the magic is in letting the color stand out and highlight your features perfectly. You can pair purple with beige, another hues of purple or electric green if you want a more distinctive outfit.

Pantone’s color of the year 2023

viva la magenta outfits fashion women trends

Back when Pantone chose their color of the year, Viva La Magenta, I knew this year would be filled with bright colors that would make us feel magical. This magenta shade will be seen not only in the fashion world, but also in interior design, nail trends and hair color trends. What is the symbol and the meaning behind it? You can find more about Viva La Magenta here. How to match it for the most trendy outfit? If I have to be honest, I just bought some Zara shoes in this shade and I am in love. I will match them with a denim on denim look, to make the shoes absolutely stand out.

Fashion color trends 2023: Yellow

electric yellow fashion color trends 2023 dress how to wear it

When I was little, yellow was one of my least favorite colors. Now I can’t get enough of it! It is certainly a shade that brings you happiness just by looking at it. How to look trendy in the spring? Try wearing a maxi yellow dress that will highlight your skin tone. This shade will be seen a lot in the spring fashion trends 2023.


orange outfit inspiration women fashion 2023

I told you we are getting into the rainbow this year with these bright colors! You better get ready to incorporate orange in your wardrobes, since your favorite Instagram models and celebrities like Lilly Collins, which plays the main character in Emily in Paris. Again, we are seeing one of those monochrome outfits that just leave us speechless.

Light blue

spring fashion trends 2023 light blue

Light blue is my favorite color, period! You can match this shade with anything from beige, white and black to yellow, purple and hot pink. It looks amazing on all skin tones and will give you this soft elegant look. It is the perfect color to wear in the spring and in the summer as well.

Fashion color trends 2023: Black never goes out of style

black dress for women trends fashion outfit inspiration

Fashion designers are not kidding when they say that black never goes out of style! Yes, this year we see a lot more bright and colorful fashion pieces, however the magic of the black shade will forever have our hearts. It is elegant, chic and really wearable.


white outfit inspiration women fashion 2023

Are you brave enough to wear an all-white outfit? In 2023 get ready to see many white outfit inspirations. The spring/summer 2023 trends can’t do without white. Right now, all the classics are coming back from the past, which means white shades will be super trendy.

Pastel pink

pastel pink fashion trends 2023

We’re adding another bright color to the Spring/Summer 2023 palette – pink. The return of pink comes after several months of Barbiecore trend dominance. Pink is a color for ladies who are bold in fashion and not afraid to stand out. They combine beautifully with neutral colors – white, beige, black.


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