Are you brave enough to try the most scandalous nail trend of the year? Find 20 looks on duck nails!

by Kristiyana

Looking to try something fun and crazy with your appearance? I have already given you loads of trendy hairstyles to choose from to make a statement, but I don’t think I have offered you yet with a completely bizarre idea for your nails… Let’s change that, shall we? Ever heard of duck nails? Why, they are only one of the biggest and most scandalous trends right now in the nail art world. But they are pretty unconventional. Dare to try them?

What are duck nails?

cardi b nails_cardi b duck nails

Duck nails have become one of the hottest trends lately when it comes to nail designs. The shape of these nails is inspired by the form of duck feet, hence the quirky name. They are also referred to as flared nails, and were a big hit in the early 2000s. A lot of nostalgia trends have been reinvented to a new, and duck nail shape designs are no exception. So if you want to try something bizarre and outrageous with your look, then duck nails are for you! Have a look at some of these 20 crazy ideas to choose from!

Duck ombre nails with decorations

white and pink nails_long nail shape


Yes, this nail trend is super outrageous, but you can still try to get a cute design right? Just look at these ombre nails with flower decorations and a dash of glitter. Up for trying them?

Sparkly purple ombre duck-shaped nails

purple nails_nail designs 2023

Or maybe you prefer something with even more sparkle? Like these purple ombre glitter nails.

Black French tip duck nails with gems

french tip nails_black french tip

And what about a design featuring the duck shape and a trendy French tip? Complete the look with extravagant red and gold gems.

Sparkly pink and yellow zebra print

zebra print nails_pink zebra print nails

More outrageous manicure ideas? You bet! Hit the clubs sporting these sparkly pink and yellow zebra print duck nails.

Neutral and elegant flare nails design

why are they called duck nails_duck nails shape

You want to get the flare/duck nail shape and still look classy? Do your best with this elegant neutrals nail design!

Ombre design with embellishments

french nails_french nails 2023

More and more ombre nails! Finish this look with sparkly embellishments. Rhinestone nail designs are so in this year.

Fun and crazy duck nails design

duck nails_nail trends 2023

If you really want to be part of this bizarre nail trend, why not go full-on crazy with this duck shape nail design? It’s kind of sweet and cute, but definitely not for everyone…

Outrageous pink and neon nails

neon nails_flare nails

A duck nail shape and neon French nail tips on a sparkly pink base? What more could go wrong with this look?

Blue sparkle duck nail shape design

blue nail designs_long nails

To be honest, this design plays on the less freaky side in this article… But still, would you?

Clean and simple duck nails

simple nail designs_white and pink nails

You can always try the duck nail shape and keep things clean and simple. Decide on a subtle ombre design.

Spooky sparkle nail art to try

spooky nails_sprarkly nail designs

In my opinion, the only time when I would accept the duck nail shape is on Halloween. Sparkly and spooky? Why not, I guess.

One-of-a-kind duck nails 2023

colourful nail designs_nail design ideas

The small fingernail gives me Lord of the Rings vibes. Nothing like the eye of Sauron watching you at all times.

Pastel green nails with butterflies

ugly nails trend_tik tok trends

The bigger, the better! At least, that is what they say, right? Spice up your duck nail shape with some butterflies. Can it really get any worse?

Duck nails queen: Snooki nails

duck nails_snooki duck nails

Oh yes, Snooki my queen. I will never forget watching Jersey Shore as a teen. Snooki a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi is actually one of the inspirations for the duck nail shape trend.

Black French tip on pink base nails

black and pink duck nails_duck nails 2023

More French tips nails ideas? You bet! They are super trendy this year and the duck nail shape makes them all the more eye-catching. Just don’t know if that’s in the good way…

Simple duck nails with embellishments

nail designs 2023_tiktok nails

I know we already went through a lot of freaky designs, but there is something about this one that deeply unsettles me. Am I the only one?

Super girly sparkly pink nail design

pink duck nails_pink nails

Okay, if I lost a bet and had to get the duck nail shape, this is probably the design I would go for. What can I say, if I do it, I am going all in!

Blue glitter duck nail shape design 2023

sparkly blue nails_glitter nails

Perfect nails for a disco party. Or maybe for one in my nightmares?

White French tip duck nails with flowers

french nails_french manicure with flower decorations

A duck shape and a trendy French manicure in white with flowers all at once? Definitely not a design anyone will soon forget. Unfortunately…


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