What trendy haircut for thin hair in 2023 to choose? The Bixie makes way to the Curve cut!

by Kremy

How to style your hair when you have thin hair? When it comes to hairstyles, thin hair is mistakenly considered as unmanageable, when in reality, it is enough to find the right haircut that will give it natural volume. The latest? The Curve cut promises to be the ideal voluminous hairstyle to rejuvenate the face and add volume when you have a flat mane. Easy to achieve at the hairdresser or at home, it constantly floods our feeds on Instagram and TikTok to encourage us to take the scissors. We take a close look at the most requested haircut of the moment that has not only the Web talking, but also the salons! You will understand why in a few moments.

curve cut for thin hair 2023 layered hairstyles

What is the best haircut for thin hair?

Do you have naturally thin hair that lacks volume? After fifty, your mane has become sparse due to menopause and hormonal imbalance? Either way, your flat hair needs a boost! At 25 or 55, there’s nothing like the Bixie haircut (also called Pixie bob) to compensate the lost volume! On white or dyed hair, it gives the wearer an elegant yet casual look. Likewise, the asymmetrical pixie makes round faces slimmer and looks great with glasses. Its long, wispy bangs soften facial features and rejuvenate the face. However, it has just been dethroned by another layered hairstyle which is perfect for thin, flat hair. Spotlight on the Curve cut, currently very popular on social networks.

The Curve cut, what is it?

what haircut for thin flat hair 2023 trends curve cut butterfly cut


What is the Curve cut? Well, this is THE haircut everyone wants! Inspired by the best layered hairstyles seen in 2022, it is a subtle mix between the Butterfly cut, the Brachel cut and the Wolf cut which aims to give volume to fine hair and enhance the face, while remaining relatively easy to style. So, whether you ask your hairdresser for a butterfly cut or a curve cut with a side parting, both work the same way: a nice layered look, going from front to back to obtain a look close to the hairstyle sported by Jennifer Aniston in the cult series Friends.

In short, you remove part of your length without necessarily going short, thanks to a U-shaped layering. The result? Bye bye flat hair and split ends! Hello healthy and visibly thicker mane!

For whom is the new trendy layered cut suitable?

trendy curve cut butterfly cut brachel with curtain bangs reverse ombre

Thanks to its light and soft layering, the new rounded cut is very easy to wear. Like the Italian bob, its tips are curved inward to complement all face shapes. However, the major advantage of this look remains its potential to thicken the hair mass, while putting an end to the misery of flat hair. It is therefore perfect for those of you who are looking for a trendy hairstyle for thin hair for women over 50. It is therefore not surprising that it is the biggest hair trend of the moment. However, the curve cut is not quite suitable for curly and afro hair, unlike the shag cut which brings out natural curls.

How to wear the Curve cut in 2023?

video tutorial how to do the curve cut mid long rounded hairstyle butterfly haircut curtain bangs

Do you want to have a visibly fuller hair with just a few scissor strokes? It is possible with the Curve cut! If until now, bob hairstyles, like the pixie bob, the bullet bob and the Italian bob, have been the most recommended hairstyles that add volume, it is now possible to keep your lengths by going for a beautiful U-shaped cut. To adopt it, nothing could be easier! You can even try it at home. The principle? There is a bit of the philosophy of the curtain bangs on the front and that of a butterfly haircut on the back. You have to cut the hair in several levels starting from the sides to the middle at the nape of the neck to form a U shape. Finally, add an oval gradient and you’re done!

Video tutorial: How to do the curve cut yourself at home?

Take inspiration from the butterfly cut in the video tutorial below to achieve a beautiful rounded cut yourself! Butterfly cut, Curve cut or Round Layers, it’s up to you! It’s the same for us…

Styling and maintenance

Another major advantage of the curve cut? It is easy to maintain, and especially to style every morning! To give it a boost of freshness, just go to your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks. On the styling side, the hairdressing experts at Deavita recommend a light blow-dry or letting your hair air dry. For those who want to add a 90’s chic look to their hair, consider using a round or blow dry brush for an even more rounded look! Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your tips! The curve cut does not like split tips!

The best layered cuts to show your hairdresser to get the Curve cut

how to wear the curve haircut 2023 hairstyle trends for thin hair

Curve cut and Expensive Brunette – two hair trends to combine for a stylish hairstyle

curve haircut hailey bieber brachel cut expensive brunette hair color

Rounded cut with a U-shape to boost blonde and fine hair

curve cut thin flat hair layered u cut butterfly haircut

Butterfly haircut to try the short without cutting anything

u cut layered curve cut long thin hair butterfly haircut 2023 trend

Curve cut, wolf cut or butterfly cut for a hairstyle that adds volume and complements the face

trendy hairstyle ideas thin flat hair wolf cut butterfly cut curve cut

U-cut to complement a blonde balayage


curve cut hairstyle photos video tutorial thin blond hair

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