Curve cut hairstyle: The latest haircut trend that will make your hair attractive and voluminous!

by Anjelina

Beauty trends in 2023 keep coming up and surprising us more and more pleasantly, giving us new ideas to change our look. We know how important hair is to a woman and how most of us like to keep up with fashion. In this line of thought, today’s article we dedicate to the latest haircuts and hairstyles, imposed mostly by social media. And in particular, we’re going to take a look at the most in-demand haircut right now that people are talking about, namely the curve cut hairstyle! Find out more about it in the following lines!

What is a curve cut?

curve cut hairstyle trends in hair styling 2023

The trendy curve cut hairstyle is a blast from the past, as it combines some of the most popular hairstyles of recent years. We’re talking about the U-shaped haircut and the oval layers. What is more, the haircut has a nostalgic twist as it is very reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in the TV series Friends, also known as “The Rachel haircut”. The main features are that the layers are styled in a way that frames the face, as they cleverly accentuate the chin and collarbone. However, to work well, the hair should be no shorter than the collarbones, making the haircut ideal for women with medium or long hair.

What makes the cut so popular and preferred?

long dark hair with highlights and layers


What makes the curve cut hairstyle so preferred and popular in recent times is that it makes you look more than good, and the hair gains amazing volume, which is so desired and sought after by most women! Naturally thin hair is a problem that has countless solutions nowadays. And one of them is the curve cut – layers have always been a great option to add volume and fullness, and all hairdressers know that! So if you’re looking for a trendy haircut to give your thin hair a new lease of life, this is it!

curve haircut U shape hairstyle fine flat mid-length hair trendy

Another advantage is that the hair is easy to maintain, you can decide for yourself whether to apply a styling technique or leave your locks loose and natural! Either way, you won’t go wrong!

The curve cut hairstyle: Who is it for?

curve cut hairstyle medium length straight hair

The peculiarity of the curve cut is the layering. As we already mentioned, to make this haircut, you need to have hair no shorter than the collarbones, so it will suit beauties with medium length and long strands. If your hair is too short, you just won’t get the same effect. We can look at the haircut in details: the hair is divided into three parts – the first layer frames the jaw, the second ends at the neck, and the last layer falls at the collarbone or just below. So if your hair reaches at least just below your shoulders, you would have no problem asking your hairdresser to give you this trendy and stylish haircut! So if your hair reaches at least just below your shoulders, you would have no problem asking your hairdresser to give you this trendy and stylish haircut!

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if you have naturally straight or wavy hair, as the beautiful layers will frame your face and highlight your best features. Only if you have very curly hair, the effect may not be the same!

How to get the curve cut?

long brown hair in layers

Although there are many brave ladies out there, who grab the scissors and cut their hair at home, we advise you to go to an experienced hairdresser if you have never done anything like cutting your own hair. Layering is not something you can easily do yourself. Explain to your stylist that you want the layers to start at chin level, as the length between two layers should be no less than 2–3 inches. This will create longer layers that are typical of the curve cut. Also, your hair should be shortest in the front, around the face, and longest in the back. This way your hair will gain a lot of volume, density and movement.

Styling and maintenance

medium length layered hair platinum blonde curve cut

As we’ve already mentioned, you can decide for yourself if you need to use any styling techniques because the haircut itself looks unique. However, if you want to add a little extra charm, you can try blow-drying your hair using a round brush, which will add more volume and highlight the layers. Another option is to just let it air dry, but spray in a small amount of sea salt spray, which will create a gorgeous beach look as if you’re now stepping out of the sea.

hair ideas wolf cut butterfly cut curve cut rounded shape

As far as keeping your hair trimmed and looking good, you need to visit your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks to have the ends trimmed. Don’t underestimate this, as the curve cut doesn’t like split ends at all!