What is the trendy manicure for women over 60 in 2023? The varnishes and nail art that will adorn mature hands this year

by Kremy

A flattering hairstyle, a bright lipstick, a suitable outfit… there are many fashion and beauty tips to revive your freshness and forget your wrinkles after a certain age. But staying beautiful at 60 or older also involves your nails. So, what manicure for women over 60 2023 should you choose to rejuvenate, refine and above all beautify mature hands? Trends, tips and advice from the pros! We shall tell you everything!

What manicure for women over 60 in 2023 you should go for according to trends?

manicure for women over 60 2023 rejuvenate refine hands mature skin short nails

While some manicures accentuate the wrinkles and flaws of the hands after 60, there are others that enhance them by highlighting our gestures. Because turning sixty does not mean stopping going to a nail salon. Dare to have fun with the nail art trends that are rocking the web. On the hands as well as on the feet, we want to wear nails that look great. For a trendy 60-year-old woman’s manicure, avoid designs that are too elaborate that look a little infantile Lolita. Instead, opt for a more timeless and elegant design like the reverse French manicure. Unlike the classic French manicure, the inverted version, which highlights the lunula with a more or less bright color, gives a rejuvenating touch to the hands after 60 years of age.

What is the nail polish color trend 2023 for women over 60?

manicure trends women over 50 short nails nude nails matte skin


A woman is beautiful at any age, provided she takes care of herself and highlights her advantages. And a good neat manicure allows her to express her femininity. After 60, a trendy and well-chosen nail polish will give you a masterful touch. However, you have to choose it according to your skin tone. While pink and purple are great for enhancing cool skin tones, orange, red and brown are best for matte skin. As for matching, there’s no need to match your manicure color with your lipstick color! Why not? Well, simply because the skin tone of your face is different from that of your hands. So, if you usually wear red on your lips, don’t hesitate to go for nude nails – a manicure trend for women over 60 2023 perfect for revealing the natural beauty of your hands that goes well with all skin tones.

Red manicure will be popular in 2023

manicure women 50 60 year old trend nail art 2023 nail polish colors

This great classic never fails! The flagship color of Valentine’s Day decor is once again trendy among women aged 60 or over, thanks to its timeless elegance. To rejuvenate and refine your hands, please choose a suitable shade such as burgundy, Marlboro or dark red which looks great on most skin tones.

Orange nails

nail art trends 2023 manicure women over 50 60 nail polish color to refine rejuvenate wrinkled hands

The orange manicure promises to be the hottest manicure trend this year! And good news for trendy 60 year-olds, it flatters all skin tones at all ages. In short, with this manicure trend, there is no risk of going wrong. Let yourself be tempted by the vitamin orange, tangerine orange, coral or terracotta.

The lilac nail polish

what shape nails to choose to rejuvenate manicure trend 2023 women over 60


A big manicure trend since the summer of 2022, lilac will continue to gain popularity this year by targeting a new audience, that of 60-year-old women. But to avoid accentuating the color of your vessels, be careful with your choice of shade. We recommend that you choose a softer, cooler lilac so as not to further age your hands.

The metallic manicure

what nail polish color manicure for women over 60 trend 2023

Seen on the runways during Fashion Week, the metallic manicure isn’t just for 25-year-old models. Gold, silver or velvet nails, metallic nail polish is all good after the fifties. Sixty-year-olds can use it on a single nail to upgrade a manicure a little too classic.

Beautiful, well-groomed nails for a perfect manicure at the age of 60

nail care women after 60 dry skin wrinkles manicure ideas trend woman after 50 years 2023

How to take care of your nails after 60? First, make way for the “clear skin” operation! After a certain age, the skin dehydrates and brown spots appear. To avoid highlighting the dry areas of your hands, consider applying a nourishing or lightening treatment twice a day to boost melanin production. Exfoliation is also a good way to give your hands a velvety look. Then give your nails a nice shape. In 2023, leave long nails behind and make way for the short, chic and discreet manicure for 60-year-old women. A perfect 60 year old woman manicure requires that the skin is clear, but also well hydrated and devoid of cuticles on the nails. Soften them with an oil or a balm, then push them back with a boxwood stick. Finally, bet on a good color of nail polish.

What manicure for women over 60 in 2023: Mistakes to avoid

what nails polish color to avoid manicure for women over 60

In 2023, it’s time for nails in a single color! But once you’re past 60, you can’t just go for any color! In order not to highlight pigment spots, vessels and dry skin on your hands, it is crucial to choose the right shade of nail polish. Avoid blue, green and yellow that only highlight these small defects. The same applies for the black manicure which tends to make us look older after a certain age. You can wear it as a pedicure, but never on the hands. As for the traditional French manicure and candy pink nails, they are rather reserved for young girls. Instead, favor classic shades such as good dark red, Marlboro or burgundy.




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