Manicure Trend 2023: Metallic Ombre Nails are the prettiest nail trend you can wear this year

by Kremy

Ombre nails are back in trend since 2022! They look beautiful with every nail shape and are an excellent choice for everyday as well as for special occasions. In 2023, the gradient nail design gets a very special touch. This year we’re featuring Metallic Ombre Nails – a holographic gradient that’s both glamorous and subtle.

Why we love the ombre nail design so much?

Nail design 2023 trends ombre nails chrome glitter powder technique

Ombre nails are nail art that creates a distinct color gradient. Typically, this consists of a lighter shade on the top of the nail that fades seamlessly into a darker shade towards the tip.

A gradient nail design is a very flattering way to make nails appear longer. Not to mention, it also helps indecisive ladies when they have to choose between two different nail polish colors – why not wear both?

Manicure Trend 2023: Metallic Ombre Nails

DIY Metallic Ombre Nails with holographic powder


In 2023, it’s all about a nude shade that transitions into a metallic shade. Pay special attention to silver, it’s going to be super trendy. Another tip: use nail polishes with the same finish. This will give you a great look, such as a high-shine ombre.

Stiletto Nails With Metallic French Gradient

For the 2023 manicure trend, you need a glitter polish with a holographic or chrome effect which is applied to the tips of the nails. You need a brush or a sponge for this. The more the pigment is pressed onto the nail, the more intense the effect will be.

Metallic Ombre Nails and Nude base color Nail design trends 2023

The holographic tips are a great change from the classic French fade and will take your winter manicure to the next level right away.

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This is how you can do the nail design at home

How to do metallic ombre nails

You don’t always have to go to the nail salon to have beautiful nails. If you like to do your nails, you can use simple methods and tricks to recreate the trendiest nail designs. We will now explain how to achieve the ombre metallic look.

Step 1

Prep your nails by filing them into the desired shape and pushing back or clipping your cuticles. Then put some acetone on a cotton pad and wipe away any dust. Then apply the base coat.

Step 2

Use a nude nail polish of your choice (gel polish is best) and apply a coat or two all over the nail. You need to let each coat dry well or, in the case of gel polish, cure under a lamp. Then apply a layer of top coat to the nails to prepare them for the next step.

Step 3

Using a makeup sponge, press the holographic powder onto the tips of the nails and gently spread a small amount towards the cuticles. You have to rub the powder in a bit to get the high shine.

Step 4

Seal your design with a top coat of your choice and you’re done. You’ve created beautiful, salon-worthy, holographic ombre nails yourself!

The nail design works perfectly even without gel. Watch the video for a quick tutorial on short nails.



A trend that works for any nail shape

Nail design trends 2023 cool holographic tips

The holographic nail tips look great on round, pointed and square nails! The manicure trend is going to be big in the spring of 2023 as well. Book your appointment now!




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