Ombre Nail Designs: Start the Year with a Chic and Stylish Manicure

by Kremy

Ombre nail designs can be both an elegant, classic and an unusual beauty trend. Gradient nail art has been popular for more than one season. One of the reasons for that is that you can combine the ombre technique with other nail art techniques and create a stunning nail design for any occasion.

ombre nail designs to start the year with a chic and stylish manicure

Ombre Nail Designs for Any Length And Shape of Nails

ombre nail designs for any length and shape of nails

You have short nails but are fascinated by the gradient nail art? You wonder whether it is suitable for your nails? That’s another great advantage of ombre nail designs – they can be adapted to any length and shape of nails. If you are looking for a versatile nail art technique that provides a lot of room for creative experiments, go for ombre! And you know what? it’s not just about colors: you can apply a different shade on each nail, you can go for either horizontal or vertical gradient. The main feature of this manicure is the smooth transitions from one shade of varnish to another. You prefer minimalism? No problem! You can do ombré nails in nude style.

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Transition From Light to Dark and Vice Versa

transition from light to dark gradient nail design ideas

This is the most popular design, in which only one shade of lacquer is used. This is a great option for any occasion. You can either play with contrasts or choose calm tones of the coating.

French Ombre Nails

french ombre nails

You want to combine classic French manicure and ombré nails? Look at the unrivaled, unusual effect. Such manicure looks interesting and you can choose a glossy or matte finish. To add a bit of glamor, add some glitter or rhinestones.

French Ombre with Glitter Tips

french ombre with glitter

Glitter nails always look festive and we love to wear them for special occasions (and not only). In this case glitter is applied to the tips.

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Gradient Nail Art with Rhinestones

gradient nail art with rhinestones

Rhinestones combined with gradient design give a bright manicure, which is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for festive occasions like weddings, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, cocktail parties, etc.

Double Ombre French Nails

double ombre french nails

Double ombre French nails, also known as optical illusion French nails, are one of the latest crazes. The technique is based on involves creating a soft gradient in the center of the nails. You can choose contrasting color combinations like black and white or shades of the same color for a softer transition. Either way, you will have a stunning manicure design!

Contrasting Colors Gradient Nail Art

contrast color gradient nail art

The basis of the design is two contrasting shades that create a spectacular and colorful design.

Combine Ombre with Other Nail Art Techniques

combine ombre with other nail art techniques

If you combine the ombré technique with fashionable geometric prints or floral motifs, you can achieve quite an interesting result.

Ombre Nail Designs and Ideas to Inspire You For Your Next Manicure

ombre and marblenail art

Beautiful pink ombre nails

beautiful pink ombre nails

Glitter ombre nail art on short nails

glitter ombre nail art on short nails

Pink and purple ombre on square nails

pink and purple ombre on square nails

Gradient colors on each finger

gradient colors on each finger

Elegant brown ombre nail art

elegant brown ombre nail art

Beautiful and feminine ombre and glitter nail design

beautiful and feminine ombre and glitter nail design

Classic and ombre French nails

classic and ombre french nails

Chrome French tips ombre nails

chrome french tips ombre nails

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