25+ Stunning V French Tip Nails: An Original Twist of the Classic Design That You Must See

by Kremy

Do you want a really creative and stylish manicure? Then take a closer look at these V French tip nails. This is an interesting and original nail design for women of any age. To inspire you, we have collected the best design ideas that will help you have the perfect manicure for any occasion.

V French Tip Nails – An Original Twist of the Classic Design

v french tip nails for every shape and length

French manicure became a classic many years ago, but does not lose its popularity. However, even the classics undergoes some changes over time and we have seen different variations of the favorite manicure of all women – glitter tips, micro French, chrome French tips, ombre, abstract nail tips, etc. It is quite obvious that it is not necessary to do French nails in the standard version. V French tip nails is a very simple and at the same time graceful design which won the hearts of women all over the world. It is appropriate both in everyday life and for any other occasion.

best v french tip nail designs 2023


This nail art works perfectly with the concept for naturalness, especially when you choose shades of white and beige, light pink or pastels or some of the seasonal fall nail polish colors –chocolate, wine, burnt orange, etc. The combination of black and white remains among the most popular French nail tip choices among women. Look at the best ideas for nails of any shape and length.

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V French Tips on Short Nails

v french tips on short nails manicure trends 2023

If you have short nails, we advise you not to overload the design. It is enough to use a stylish design, for example – paint each half of the tip in a different color. Whether black and white, red and black, two shades of the same color – the choice is yours. Minimalist nail art is also quite appropriate for such designs. You can add mini rhinestones for extra glamor.

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V French Tips on Square Nails

v french tips on square nails

Square or squoval, this nail shape is perfect for V French tip nails. The designs look exceptionally feminine on short and medium long square nails and you can combine different nail art techniques of the tips – color blocking, geometric patterns, t is also possible to paint each of your nails in a different color, rainbow nails for example. If you choose pastel shades, even a rainbow design will not look too flashy, but sophisticated.

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French Manicure on Almond-Shaped Nails

v french tips on almond shaped nails

Almond-shaped nails are the most popular among women as they really look incredibly feminine and elegant. V French tips on almond-shaped nails work wonderfully. You can choose from numerous designs, from single color to geometric shapes, unusual or thematic drawings, as well as decorations.

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French Manicure with V Tips on Oval Nails

french manicure with v tips on oval nails

The most popular and timeless shape is the oval. Oval nails are slightly sharper, but not as pointed and narrow as almond-shaped nails. The oval nail shape can be worn both short and long. V French tips on an oval shape look elegant and very, very chic.

French Ballerina Nails with V Tips

nail trends 2023 v french tips on ballerina shaped nails

The versatility of the ballerina nail shape allows you to create any design and the V tips are perfect for them. The square nail tip is slightly rounded and any design will gives a special charm to the hands.

White French V Tip Manicure

white modern v french tip coffin nails with silver glitter accent nail design

White French manicure is a classic that will never die. But, let’s be honest, women are a bit bored with it. If you are among those ladies who do not mind trying something new, look at the white French V tip nails. Such manicure looks very stylish and even minimalist. It is perfect for everyday wear, as well as for evening events or weddings. To add a unique touch, you can add rhinestones, small drawings or glitter to your nail design.

Black French V Tips Nails

black v french tip nails and geometric nail art

Black French V tips are the perfect alternative to white, which will look wonderful with any outfit.

Colored French Tip Nails

colored french tip nail art v tips

Today, nail masters use combinations of all kinds of colors for the main coating and the tip of the nail. You can combine anything: nude colors, contrasting tones, different shades of the same color, etc.

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Geometric French Manicure with V Tips

geometric french manicure with v tips

Generally speaking, the V tips are more or less in the category of geometric nail art. Yet, there are ways to make this type of manicure even more impressive. Geometric French with V tips is suitable for women of all ages and professions and allows you to combines different colors, matte or glossy coating, etc.

Photo Gallery: Amazing V French Tip Nails to Inspire You

v french tip nails – an original twist at the classic design

Black and white French tip nails

2023 nail trends v french tip nails black and white

Beautiful French manicure for women of all ages

awesome v french tip nails in white

A great idea for your fall nails

best glitter french nails 2023 blue and white tips

This nail design is suitable for both short and long nails

best v french tip nails 2023

Black and silver glitter French tip nails

black and silver glitter v french tip nails

Black and white French nails with geometric nail art

black and white french tip nails geometric nail art 2023

Fall nails ideas in black

black french tips on short nails

Exceptional V French Tip Nails with animal print decoration

chrome french nails with animal print

V French Tip on long nails

fall french nails blue white and gold glitter

Fall nails in chocolate brown and white

fall nails 2023 french tip nails white and chocolate brown

Looking for an idea for your fall nails? Go for orange!

fall nails v french tip nails ideas 2023

Short nails look great with V shaped tips

french manicure for short nails

White and silver V French Tip Nails are perfect for weddings

french manicure white and glitter v french tip nails

Coffin nails in pastel colors

pastel french nails blue pink v tips

Minimalist nail art for short nails

red french tip nails and minimalist nail art

Milk nails with black and white V French Tips

short milk nails black and white french tip nails

An original design for short oval nails

short nails ideas 2023 red and white french tip nails

Awesome nail art idea for your French manicure

the best v french tip nails manicure ideas short nails

Stylish French manicure with black and white tips

v french tip nails for short nails

Pastel pink shades for long nails

v french tip nails in pastel pink nail trends 2023

Festive French nails with glitter and white tips

white and glitter french manicure

Off center white French tips nails

white geometric nail art french manicure


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