Gray and Silver Nail Art Returns to Enhance Your Hands in Winter 2023!

by Kremy

Pumpkin, olive green, wine red, glossy chestnut, mustard yellow… Fall manicure takes on the colors of the season. But who says new month, says new nail art idea. To start November in style, there’s nothing like gray and silver nail art! Glamorous, elegant and festive, it promises to be the most desirable manicure of the moment. Here’s our selection of models to inspire you!

Gray and Silver Nail Art for a Top Winter Manicure

gray and silver gel nail art manicure trend november winter 2023

Hot chocolate nails, pumpkin spice, cherry mocha nails… In a world where nail art is becoming more and more indulgent, we sometimes want a little sobriety. And that’s where gray nails with silver accents come in. Whether used as a total look or on two or three nails in a festive French manicure style, this nail art will enhance your hands this November (and not only). In fact, it’s just as perfect to welcome the holiday season. Want to get the most popular nail design trend among nailistas? Here we go for a close look + inspiration in images spotted on Instagram.

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Gray and Silver Manicure: For Whom? How to Wear It?

manicure trend marble effect grey and silver gel nails winter 2023

To match your manicure with the freshness of the coming temperatures, why not go for a gray and silver gel manicure? Don’t worry! Designs on silver nails don’t have to be flashy or too glittery. They can be minimalist and sophisticated, depending on taste: micro-designs, glitter, reverse or classic French, velvet nails, chrome nails, tortoise shells, matte gray varnish, etc. In short, there’s plenty to please you this winter, but always with simplicity. In terms of shape, gray and silver manicure enhances both short and long nails. But that’s far from its only advantage. It blends perfectly with the other trendy nail polish colors of the moment, including nude, black, white, chocolate brown, red, burgundy and dark green. Versatile and elegant, gray manicure suits all skin tones and matches any style.

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Our Selection of Gray and Silver Nail Art

nail art trend winter 2023 gray and silver gel nail art

French manicure with gray base and silver tips

french manicure winter 2023 grey silver short nails

Decorative false nails in silver and gray

how to wear grey and silver gel nail manicure trendy varnish winter 2023

Christmas 2023 nail art in gray, silver and blue

manicure trend november 2023 winter decoration long nails nail art grey silver blue christmas

French manicure in gray, white and silver perfect for the holiday season

french gray and silver nail art trend winter 2023

French manicure in gray alternating shiny and matte effect

french manicure original varnish grey silver glossy matte nail art winter 2023

Manicure in gray and silver tortoiseshell nail art

gray and silver gel nail decoration tortoiseshell nail art winter 2023

Easy winter nail art in silver

short gel nails grey silver nail art winter 2023

Chrome nails French manicure style

chrome nails french manucure gray and silver nail art

Manicure in matte gray and silver glitter

ballerina nail art grey matte silver

Gray French manicure with chrome effect

nude french manucure gray silver white nail art winter 2023 november

Velvet nails in gray and silver nail art

gel velvet nails nail art manicure grey silver glitter nail trend winter 2023

Nail art in gray and silver with a marbled effect

marble nail art grey silver glitter christmas manicure winter 2023

Pink, gray and silver for a stunning winter manicure

manicure trend winter 2023 nail art silver gray pink

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