Is Brow Lamination a Simple and More Effective Alternative to Microblading?

by Radost P.

Eyebrows are one of the defining features of our face. When we maintain them well, we create the impression that we take care of our appearance. Nowadays, professionals offer many ways to trim and tidy our eyebrows. We can, rightfully, get overwhelmed. Choosing the right option depends on several factors – preferences, budget, style, etc. Recently, brow lamination became a popular method that literally transforms your eyebrows, making them look precise and clean. The procedure is pain-free, safe, and gives a natural, beautiful look to your eyebrows. Could it be more effective than microblading? If you want to learn more about that, keep on reading this article.

What is brow lamination?

This innovative procedure improves what you already have by using particular chemicals to manipulate the hairs. Besides, if you aim for a specific look, you may ask your professional for a brow tint. In some ways, the method is similar to a lash lift treatment. The end result is that your brows become bushy and thick for the next four to six weeks.

how long does brow lamination last

Is a brow lamination worth it?

One of the benefits of getting brows lamination is that this method can adjust the direction of your hairs’ growth. In this way, your eyebrows look beautiful and full. This procedure can literally replace eyebrow gels and many other solutions that help you get a certain shape for your eyebrows. The best thing? You do not need any preparation before the procedure. So, no worries about wasted time. It is common for women of all ages to get laminated brows in order to add more volume to them. Another reason to consider this treatment is that it is relatively a simple process that would take about an hour. Remember, if you take good care of your brows after the procedure, the results may last even up to 8 weeks! Do not worry, though, brow lamination aftercare is easy and does not take much time.

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What are the cons of brows lamination?

Generally, there aren’t many downsides associated with this procedure. Yet, here are the things you should keep in mind. If you typically like DIY endeavors, it is absolutely not a good idea to perform the procedure on your own. One reason is that experts know how to do their job the right way. Depending on your face and hair type, they can choose the right color, if you want brow tinting. Besides, they’re experienced in their field, since they’ve worked with clients with different preferences. Another thing to remember is that the method might not be suitable for you if you have a sensitive skin or eczema. Although the treatment is non-invasive, it can potentially lead to irritation or swelling of your skin. Believe me, you definitely want to prevent this. As a whole, the best advice we can give you, is to discuss the procedure with a professional cosmetologist.

How is the procedure done?

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You are probably wondering what to expect after you make an appointment with a professional. Here are the main steps. The first thing that will happen is that the cosmetologist will apply a brow-lifting cream to your hairs. Afterward, they will brush the hairs in a vertical direction and apply a professional neutralizer. To minimize the risk of swelling or irritation, the cosmetologist will also use a skin nourishing cream. Generally, all steps will take up to one hour. Optional procedures are tinting, or waxing to create the desired shape.

What are the differences between brow lamination and microblading?

is microblading expensive or affordable brow lamination technique

It is understandable when people get overwhelmed with the many options that they have. So, which procedure should you choose? This is ultimately up to you, but here are some of the main differences between these innovative methods. Microblading is an invasive, tattooing treatment that gives more permanent results (lasting for around 1–2 years). Also, it can be quite expensive but afterward, you don’t have to spend money on brows accessories and fillers. Microblading is a suitable solution for people with nonexistent or very thin brows hairs. On the other hand, if you want laminated eyebrows, you need to have natural hairs. In terms of the end result, it’s quite similar between the two procedures.

In a nutshell, brows lamination become more and more popular among women of all ages. It is an innovative and simple method that takes around an hour. Besides, this is a great alternative to microblading and other invasive, painful procedures. Yet, you should take proper care of your eyebrows after the treatment. The result you can expect, is clean and precise eyebrows at an affordable price. If you change your mind, though, don’t worry. Brow lamination isn’t permanent, it lasts for approximately 6 weeks. We hope that we gave you the answers you were looking for in terms of eyebrows improvement.

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