4 Reasons Why DIY Termite Treatments Fail

by Kremy

If termites have settled in your house, then you need to get rid of these pests as soon as possible before the situation becomes catastrophic. These insects can cause irreparable harm to your house. Can you get rid of termites by yourself or you need professional help? Some people prefer the DIY approach but we shall give you 4 reasons why DIY termite treatments fail.

Can You Distinguish Termites From Other Household Pests?

Why DIY Termite Treatments Fail

One of the main problems is that termites are often very stealthy enemies. First you need to understand that it was termites that attacked your house. The problem is that they look like ants, have white bodies and small wings. People often do not realize that their home has been attacked by termites and try to get rid of ants instead. In addition, there are different species of termites so it could be a real challenge identifying which type infested your home.

First you need to inspect all the wooden structures: it can be floors, ceilings, furniture, walls or decorative elements. Termites leave small holes, gnaw through tunnels while feeding on wood and actively multiplying. Look for cone-shaped heaps of wood in the house. They look like dust, but if you notice such heaps, this may mean that pests have settled in your home.

Why DIY Termite Treatments Fail?

How to Distinguish Termites From Other Household Pests


Reliable protection of structures and buildings requires expensive and time-consuming measures. Termites can live in a house for a long time, remaining completely unnoticed. Why DIY termite treatments fail?

DIY Termite Treatments Fail Because of Lack of Knowledge

DIY Termite Treatments Fail due to Lack of Knowledge

Pest control is not a joke and most often DIY termite treatments fail simply because homeowners cannot identify the type of pests. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you want to effectively deal with uninvited “tenants”, you need to know their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, which means to know as much as possible about them. Getting professional help from bug busters is essential.

DIY Termite Treatments Are Not Always Efficient

Why DIY Termite Treatments Fail pest control

For example, one of the most common methods to get rid of termites is to set traps with bait coated with insecticides. However, this method is not always working. There are many products on the market but for the effective killing of termites, they should be properly applied. Few are the homeowners that have the necessary tools and equipment to work with pest control chemicals. Another example – baking soda can be effective against ants, but it is useless against termites.

Termite Control Products Can Be Harmful To Human Health

Termite Control Products Can Be Harmful To Health


Working with chemical products can be dangerous especially when you use the wrong ones or you simply do not use the right amounts. There are different products for the different species of pests so it is better get professional help.

Termite Control Is Time Consuming

Termite Control Is Time Consuming

Usually, homeowners only treat the pests that are visible and not the colony. It takes a lot of time to spray termicide all around the house. In addition, you need to get under the floors, inspect the foundations, etc.

There is no doubt that you home is important to you so once you identify a termite infestation, get professional help as soon as possible!




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