Trendy Colourful Interiors for Your Home This Summer

by Kremy

If you’re anything like us and enjoy brighter colours, you may have found yourself wondering why so often, people opt for neutral tones when designing their interiors. It has long been known that colours have a profound effect on the emotional, mental and physical state of a person, so why not consider adding some brighter, more uplifting shades into your home? In this article, we have included some fabulous ideas for colourful interiors that will be sure to inspire you when embarking on your next interior design project.

Colours Set the Atmosphere in the Room and Affect Our Mood

Colourful Interiors for Your Home This Summer

Not only can colours impact a person’s mindset, they’re also an important tool in home design. As they have the ability to create ambiance, make spaces lighter or darker, and even seemingly change the size of a room, it is so important to select interior colour schemes that are right for you. With bold colours back on trend, there’s no time like the present to refresh your home with a splash of bright paint.

Colourful interiors require a bit of courage and passion, but painting interior elements is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add character and individuality to any space. When working with bright colours, you should not be afraid of unexpected contrasts, as these happy accidents can often be more appealing than they would appear at first glance. However, with that said, a general rule of thumb to follow is that a bright colour’s accompanying shades should always be just that – companions. If you ever find that these secondary colours are competing with your primary colour scheme, they should be used in a smaller proportion.

What Are the Trendy Interior Colours for This Summer?

Colours Set the Atmosphere in the Room and Affect Our Mood


Trends in interior design come and go, yet this year, bright colours have become incredibly popular. When it comes to interior colours, Cworkshop shows the trends for this summer and we see amazing interiors in green, blue, yellow and orange. Let’s have a look at the effect of these colours on our mood and psyche.

Green Is the Colour of Nature

trendy interior colors green kitchen cabinets

As the green colour palette is a versatile one, choosing the right shade is usually an easier feat than can be said for other colours. An integral part of nature, we accept green as part of our home much more easily than many other tones, largely due to its association with life, tranquillity and serenity. Depending on the shade, it can be both cold and warm, having a relaxing and calming effect. Any green-dominated space carries with it a feeling of freshness and energy. When we think of green, we imagine mountains, forests, trees and grass. By uniting us with nature, green shades help us to feel closer to one another.

Blue – the Colour of Water and Sky

blue cabinets and wall paint modern kitchen interior design

Since ancient times, blue has been considered a symbol of the divine, of spiritual development, and of inner peace and balance. In nature, the colour represents two of the core elements – water and air. One of the most common and diverse colours of the natural palette, blue can play a leading role in interior design, due to the large variety of colours that it can accompany with ease. From traditional whites, reds, and yellows, to shades of green, orange, purple, pink, many different colours work in harmony alongside blue.

Trendy Colourful Interiors – Orange as a Symbol of Joy, Optimism and Positive Energy

Orange kitchen cabinets Trendy Colourful Interiors

Belonging to the warmer side of the colour wheel, orange conjures up ideas of rays of sunshine and flames of a crackling fire. A delicate mixture of both red and yellow, orange lends itself better to warm tones. But as orange can create a positive mood on the cloudiest of days, even these cooler tones are complemented by orange well – think whites, creams, and greys. The perfect choice for active and dynamic personalities, interiors featuring orange are sure to stand out.

Yellow Colour Creates Warm and Comfortable Atmosphere in the Room

yellow kitchen ideas add color to interior design

One of the primary colours, yellow evokes images of sunlight, and its association with joy and vitality is so deeply felt that psychologists have drawn links between its display and depression prevention. With its ability to make a space feel special and unique, it can be used in almost any room and with almost any design style.

Supermatt or High Gloss Finish – Which One Is Better?

matte or glossy finish

Choosing the right colours will determine the way your home looks. Whether you opt for wall paint, furniture, or tile, their visual effect will depend on the finish – supermatt or high gloss. While high gloss finishes are shiny and reflect light, supermatt finishes have a more muted look and reflect light poorly.

A high gloss finish is a great choice for kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms or foyers. Supermatt finishes hide imperfections on walls, and due to the fact that they do not reflect light, this type of finish enhances the beauty of colourful interiors, giving depth and softness to the colour. Supermatt is a suitable finish for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.


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