Tuscany Decorating Ideas – How to Give a Modern Touch to Your Interior

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Tuscany decorating ideas are hugely popular among fans of Mediterranean styled interior designs. Despite the fact that Tuscany is a region in Italy, there are some Spanish and French traces in the style which is explained with the trade routes from the past. Can you create a modern Tuscan interior design? Is it possible to update the classic style and create a 21st century home that has the atmosphere of traditional rural house? We shall give you some tips and ideas how to take the best of Tuscan style and re-create it in a modern way while preserving the authentic atmosphere.

Tuscany Decorating Ideas – Create a Modern and Fresh Interior Design

Tuscany Decorating Ideas How to Give a Modern Touch to Your Interior

Tuscan interiors are very cozy and designed in accordance with nature. The region is characterized with cypress and olive trees, vineyards, orchards, rosemary fields. Jasmine and bougainvillea fill the air with magnificent aroma and all these gifts of nature are widely used by people in their homes. How to blend the classic Tuscan elements of interior design with the modern lifestyle? Can you create a contemporary home with a typical rustic look? Sure, you can! Here are some design tricks that will help you take the traditional Tuscany decorating ideas and adapt them to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Update the Color Scheme

exposed ceiling beams open plan living room Tuscan style


Traditional Tuscan interiors feature warm, rich, natural and earthy tones – terracotta, olive green, orange, rusty red, golden yellow. To create a modern interior and keep the character, it is best if you bet on soft, lighter shades – sandy and beige tones also belong to the natural colors and when combined with white, the interior looks airy and spacious. White walls speak of minimalism which is typical for contemporary styled homes. Instead of dark wood ceiling beams, window and door frames, use lighter wood. In this way you will have the rustic touch but with a modern twist.

Modern Tuscany Decorating Ideas – Choose the Materials

modern tuscan interior decor ideas

Tuscan style is based on traditional finishing materials like wood, natural stone varieties – marble, travertine, limestone, etc. Exposed ceiling beams or beams above the doors are typical. Terracotta floors are also widely used as well as wrought iron furniture. All these will look too “heavy” in a modern home. To give an updated look to your interior, you can use these materials but in minimal amount. For example, instead of a massive wooden fireplace mantel, you can choose a thinner beam in lighter color for a more minimalist look that has an elegant, rustic chic character. Keep in mind that arched doorways are another typical feature of Tuscan style interiors but with a lighter framing they will get a contemporary appearance without losing the special charm of curved lines.

Replace Massive Antique Furniture Pieces with Modern Ones

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Traditional Tuscan furniture is large sized, made of dark wood and decorated with carvings. You can see massive cupboards, ottomans, canopy beds, solid wood kitchen cabinets, etc. For a modern look, replace heavy furniture or re-upholster sofas and armchairs in light fabrics. Kitchen cabinet doors can be replaced with new ones with sleek, clean lines. In a large room, you can install a wrought iron chandelier as an authentic element, but in a small room, opt for modern light fixtures or contemporary chandeliers.

Add Modern Accessories

Tuscany Decorating Ideas Create a Modern and Fresh Interior Design

Accessories add character and personality to any interior. For a modern and updated Tuscan look, replace antique paintings and accessories with contemporary art and modern artwork, pillows, vases and other decorative elements. Remove heavy curtains and draperies from your windows and replace them with light, sheer fabric to allow plenty of light inside. If you want to create visual contrasts, think how you can combine heirloom or antique pieces with modern design elements.

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As you see, it is not difficult to take the traditional Tuscany decorating ideas and blend them into a contemporary home with a more clean-lined look. Carefully blending classic elements with modern elements allows you to re-create the warmth and coziness of Tuscan style but in a modern and harmonious way. Simply choose lighter colors for walls, floors and textile even if you use classic materials marble, wood and natural stone. Light and warm earthy tones correspond to the Mediterranean trend but look trendy and harmonious in modern homes as well.


Modern Tuscany decorating ideas choose the materials

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tuscan decor style interior design trends

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