10 Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults: How to Plan Your Celebration?

by Kremy

Every year people face one and the same question – how to celebrate their birthday? How to spend this special day of the year, especially if it is in the warm months? Of course, sometimes you just want to sit with your family with a cake and candles, without noise and loud feasts. But if you want to have a truly fun day, here are 10 summer birthday party ideas for adults!

10 Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults for a Memorable Day with Friends and Family

10 Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults How to Plan Your Celebration

Celebrating a birthday is a special event and of course, you’d want to share it with the people closes to your heart – friends and family. It is not true that adults do not enjoy parties. On the contrary, adults love fun time as much as kids do. It doesn’t matter whether you turn 30, 40 or 50! Look at these super fun summer birthday party ideas for adults and plan your event!

Go To a Restaurant for a Special Birthday Diner

Go to a Restaurant for your Birthday


A classic option for celebrating a birthday with your family is going to a restaurant. Such a holiday will help to enjoy the company of loved ones and sincere conversation. And if you are already tired of going to ordinary restaurants, you can choose one that you have not visited before. For example, having dinner at a roof top restaurant – what could be more exciting?

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Have a Party in a Club

birthday party in a club

If you love dancing, going to a night club is a great idea. This is a great way to bring all your friends together! You can dance the night away and enjoy your favorite music.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults – Organize a Picnic

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults Organize a Picnic

What could be better that a summer day in nature? You can have a picnic in the forest, a trip to a river or lake, or a trip to the mountains. Those who do not feel like taking a trip, can organize a picnic in the backyard! There are many delicious picnic menu ideas to choose from, of course you can grill meats, make kebabs, serve platters with cheese, etc.

Birthday Beach Party for Adults

Birthday Beach Party for Adults

A birthday beach party is super fun! The seashore is the place where everyone can find entertainment to their liking. You can sunbathe in the sun, dance, ride on a boat and play beach games. No one is ever bored at the beach! Prepare a frisbee, volleyball, board games, water guns, badminton – all of these are perfect past time activities for the beach!

Birthday Pool Party

Birthday Pool Party for Adults

A pool party is one of the best summer birthday party ideas possible. Gather your friends around the pool, have a leisure day enjoying cocktails and snacks or an evening with music, dances and fun games!

Book a Master Class for Making Cocktails

Learn how to prepare summer cocktails

Learn how to prepare summer cocktails! It’s a great idea that will appeal to even the most passive ones of your friends. Optionally you could book a cooking class and have fun with your guests preparing delicious meals.

Throw a Boat Party for Your Birthday

Boat Party for Your Birthday

One of the most popular summer birthday party ideas is to have a celebration on a boat. You can rent a boat for the day and have a themed party or simply sail to a nearby beach or island enjoying some good food and good company.

Wine Tasting Birthday Party

Wine Tasting Birthday Party

If you are thinking about entertainment for your birthday, then an evening of wine tasting can be the highlight of your holiday. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will not only drink good wine, but also master the tasting technique, learn to distinguish wine from different grape varieties, and learn about the principles of combining wine and food.

Sports Party

Fun party summer birthday ideas for adults

If you and your friends are fans of active lifestyle, then a sports party is the best way to mark your birthday. Whether you choose going to a rope park, climbing walls, paintball or other sports, one thing is certain – with a large company you will have a lot of fun! All you need to do is warn guests about the venue of the party in advance so that they dress in sportswear.

Summer Birthday Ideas – Organize a Themed Party or a Costume Party

costume birthday party for adults

Having a themed birthday party is not only for kids! Adults can have fun as well. You just have to choose from one of the numerous themes for birthday celebration – from a retro party featuring a specific era – 30s, 40s, 50s, 80s, 90s to James Bond theme, ethno theme, movie characters, etc.



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