Homemade Confetti Popper Craft Ideas: Are You Ready for a Party Bang?

by Kremy

Paper crackers, party poppers – there are different names for these containers loaded with confetti that we all love to use. Can you imagine a birthday party, wedding, graduation or New Year’s Eve without the bangs and showers of colorful paper? Actually, they can be used for any occasion that you can think of – the 4th of July, even the beginning of the kids’ summer holiday! Homemade confetti popper ideas are a great craft for kids and adults and if you plan a party in the near future, we will show you how to make these party crackers by yourself.

How to Use a Homemade Confetti Popper?

homemade confetti popper craft ideas

It is believed that paper poppers symbolize the cannon salutes that are fired at special occasions or to honor a person, nowadays military and political officials. But most often we use them as an expression of excitement, joy, to honor an achievement, etc.

How to use party poppers? A homemade confetti popper is considered quite safe to use indoors and outdoors. Yet, it should not be pointed at people, animals or flammable objects. Safety first! Make sure that you point your DIY confetti poppers upwards and always keep away from eyes and face.

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How to Make a Confetti Popper with Toilet Paper Roll?

how to make a confetti popper with toilet paper roll materials

Toilet paper roll crafts are a great fun and you can make numerous funny items together with your children. Here is what you will need for a homemade confetti popper:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls ( optionally, you can use tubes from paper towels)
  • Wrapping paper, Construction paper or colorful scrapbook paper
  • Balloons
  • Duct tape, Double-sided tape or strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


homemade confetti popper instructions step by step

Step 1. Toilet paper roll tubes are perfect in size, but if you’re using a long one from paper towels, cut it to the size of a toilet paper tube.

Step 2. Take the balloon and, without inflating it, tie a knot at the open end. Then cut it in half with the scissors. Cover one end of the tube with double sided tape (or strong glue) and stretch the knotted half of the cut balloon over it, so that the knot is approximately in the middle of the hole covered by the balloon. Secure the balloon with duct tape.

decorate the confetti popper

Step 3. Now it’s time to decorate confetti popper! You have many options – from paint to washi tape, markers, decorative paper, etc. The easiest way to decorate the popper is to use wrapping or construction paper. Simply wrap it around the tube and secure it with duct tape. If you wish, you can add tiny embellishments – paper flowers, letters, numbers, etc. depending on the festive occasion.

Step 4. Make confetti. You can use a punch to make holes in construction paper or any other colored paper. Optionally, if you haven’t got a punch, you can cut out short, thin paper strips. Of course, you can use store-bought confetti. If you have any glitter paper, your confetti will be even more festive!

Fun fact: Did you know that initially, confetti were not made of paper? The word “confetti” means small sweets in Italian, and they were thrown from the windows during street carnivals. Paper confetti were invented in the late 1800s.

fill the party popper with confetti

Step 5. Place the paper confetti into the tube. Hold the paper roll upright and fill it with your confetti.

Step 6. If you are not going to use your party poppers immediately, or you need to transport them, it’s time to close the other end so that the confetti are not scattered. Take a piece of tissue paper and cover the open end. Fix it with an elastic hairband.

Step 7. Use your homemade confetti popper. When the moment comes, remove the tissue paper, pull back the knotted balloon and let it go. Your confetti will go flying in a colorful fountain. If you have extra confetti, just refill the tube and pop it again!

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How to Make Confetti Poppers without Balloons?

how to make confetti poppers without balloons

If you want to make confetti poppers and you haven’t got balloons, no problem! You can make a party poppers with toilet paper rolls and elastic bands. Simply cut parallel slits half the way on the toilet paper roll. Insert a rubber band into the slits. Cover the opposite end of the toilet paper tube with tissue paper and secure it with duct tape (glue). Add the confetti and close the other end of the tube with tissue paper.

To add a pull tab, just cut a thin strip of paper. Fold it in half and place it on the rubber band. Decorate your confetti poppers depending on the event or occasion and you’re ready! When you are ready to pop the confetti, remove the tissue paper from the top, pull the tab and let it go. Simple, isn’t it? Here is a helpful video for you.


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