Tropical Pool Party Ideas – Theme and Decor That Create a Holiday Vibe

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Tropical pool party ideas are inspired by the hot summer days, they are colorful, eye catching and make us think of exotic islands and vacations! A tropical party can be a theme of a wedding celebration, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. and in short, this theme is super hot and knowing how to adapt it for any kind of holiday, surely your event will be unforgettable.

Tropical Pool Party Ideas Theme and Decor That Create a Holiday Vibe

How to choose the theme, decoration and menu for your tropical pool party? Here you will learn everything that you need to know, turning your party into a super fun and beautiful place for fun for you and your guests.

Tropical Pool Party Ideas – Choose Theme and Vibrant Colors For Your Event

Tropical Pool Party Ideas Choose Theme and Vibrant Colors For Your Event


Everyone loves the tropical decor! Gathering with friends and family by the pool is one of the most pleasant pastime activities and the best place to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion. Tropical party is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to create a beautiful, fun and very colorful party. Inspired by the hot summer days, the decoration of the tropical party is full of details, and the food served is always lighter and often uses fruit.

In the decoration of tropical parties, colors are very important, after all, this theme reminds us of a light, fun climate and hot summer days. Decorative details with strong and vibrant colors are a must. Such colors can be introduced by using a plethora of décor elements – balloons, table arrangements, cakes, tablecloths and even a tropical cake. You can also mix your tropical decor with graphic patterns such as black and white stripes, the must have for a chic tropical party.

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Tropical pool party ideas include many themes to choose from, depending on your occasion and personal preferences. It could be a flamingo themed party, it could be a Hawaiian party or you can choose something that gives you more freedom to experiment with decoration and menu, for example “tropical fruits” theme.  Whatever theme you choose for your party, remember that the goal is to create light, fun and summer atmosphere!

It is important to find elements that will create a tropical atmosphere and make everyone feel like on a vacation on an island! Palm leaves, exotic flowers, coconut, pineapple, jars with sand, flower necklaces, straw hats, citrus fruit balloons – all these little details will make your tropical-themed pool party a trip to a paradise island.

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Tropical Pool Party Invitations

Tropical Pool Party Invitations

When you think of a tropical pool party, the first that comes in mind are the vibrant colors of summer fruits and lush green palms. You can find tropical themed party invitations in specialized stores and a lot of suitable printables on the internet. You can even design and craft your own invitations which will be a lot of fun!

Tropical Pool Party Decoration Ideas – Flowers and Greenery

Tropical Pool Party Decoration Ideas Flowers and Greenery

Since the theme is a tropical party, flowers and greenery should be used as decoration. You can use a lot of natural leaves and flower arrangements as well as artificial flowers to complement the decor. You can literally go wild decorating with this theme. Go bold with lush foliage or create your own palm or Monstera leaves. The leaves can be used for placing bowls with fruit, as table decorations, place mats, etc.

Tropical Pool Party Table Decoration Ideas

how to decorate your tropical themed pool party

What is the perfect table setting for a tropical pool party? Obviously – bright tableware, decorative elements which will help you re-create the atmosphere of a holiday on an exotic island, vibrant colored textile – tablecloth and napkins, cute place cards, etc. If you serve food and drinks on buffet tables, you can add a tropical vibe with small details like cocktail umbrellas, balloon garlands, colorful straws, coconut or pineapple shaped drink cups, paper banners, etc. Fruits are also great allies to bring an exotic vibe to your tropical-themed pool party. Place some exotic fruits like pineapple, coconut, bananas as a centerpiece on your table.

If you have a wood table, you can place your decoration directly on the table with placemats in the shape of large tropical leaves. Choose party plates and glasses with “vegetal” patterns to emphasize the “jungle” side which goes well with the tropical theme.

What Food and Drinks to Serve to Your Guests?

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The choice of tropical pool party menu will depend on the occasion and whether your guests are children or adults. For example, if you are organizing a child’s birthday pool party, serving alcoholic drinks is out of the question. Generally, you should serve cool drinks and tasty treats. Tropical fruit punch, cookies and desserts decorated with tropical flowers, light food, cold skewers, fruit skewers, a few small cream cheese rolls, grilled shrimp, cupcakes, coconut chicken, etc. There are many exotic recipes that you can adapt to suit the tastes of your guests! Serve your aperitifs, starters or desserts in verrines, on wooden picks, in teaspoons, in cocktail glasses or simply arrange them beautifully so that your guests can enjoy tasty food and cold drinks!

Tropical Themed Pool Inflatables

Tropical themed pool inflatables

Pool inflatables are a lot of fun not only for kids but for adults as well. You can find a variety of fun shaped inflatables to complement your tropical themed pool party – citrus fruit slices, pineapple, flamingos, etc. Do not forget about floating drink cup holders, they will be great because your guests will not have to leave the water to get a drink!

Hawaiian pool party decor ideas

As you see, tropical pool party ideas make you travel! The photo gallery below can be your inspiration, so have a look and enjoy these fantastic summer party ideas!


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Tropical pool party table decoration ideas


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