5 Divorce Party Ideas to Celebrate the Change of Your Social Status

by Kremy

The marriage is over and you are alone again. The truth is that a divorce is not a pleasant event but rather sad and sometimes even painstaking. Is it worth spending time in tears? You have to move on and start a new chapter in your life. Have you thought about celebrating the divorce with a noisy party with dancing, jokes and champagne? We have some divorce party ideas that will help you with the new start! Remember – now is the best time to be positive!

Divorce Party Ideas – Look at the Future with a Positive Attitude

Divorce Party Ideas to Celebrate Your New Social Status

Divorce is difficult enough and if you have kids, the separation is even more difficult. People go through a kaleidoscope of emotions but once the divorce is a fact, it is time to look at the future. And it is better if you do not start your new life with bitterness but with a positive attitude. You can celebrate or if you do not feel like going wild, make a gift for yourself and spend a day with a few close friends. Let’s look at some divorce party ideas!

Have a Special Spa Weekend

spa procedures to relax from stress


Spa procedures are a great way to relax from stress. Taking the time to take care of yourself is extremely valuable and is the best gift you can make to yourself. Sauna, steam bath, massages, cleansing procedures, special face masks, anti-cellulite procedures, skin exfoliation – all of these have a positive effect on your health and the way you feel. If you do not feel like spending a whole weekend at a spa hotel, you can visit a studio in the city with your friends or even organize a spa day at home.

Divorce Party Ideas – Throw a Cocktail Party

Throw a Cocktail Party Divorce Party Ideas

Put on a fancy dress, high heels and celebrate your freedom and new life with a cocktail in your hand! Your best friends will be more than happy to join you, so a night out with the girls can be just the thing that you need!

Have a Movie Night

movie night house party ideas

If you do not feel like going out, a movie night at home is a great idea! Invite your friends, get a variety of snacks, prepare popcorns and enjoy classic movies like “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “The First Wives Club”, “The War Of The Roses”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, etc.

Take a Trip

dream vacation ideas

Being officially single again is the best time to take a trip to a place that you always wanted to see! Have you dreamt to relax by a pool or a beautiful lake in the mountains? There is no longer need to plan a journey for the whole family, organize the luggage of everyone and take care of everyone! You can just grab a bag, throw in a pair of clothes and drive or fly to wherever you want.

Divorce Party Ideas – Have a “Non-Wedding” Party

non wedding divorce party ideas

If you are looking for wedding party ideas, throwing a “non-wedding” party may be just what you need! How to do that? Well, you can organize a “non-bridal” shower, serve a “non-wedding” cake, tear apart your wedding dress that you kept in the closet all this time, etc.

focus on positive things in your life

In conclusion, we can say that after an unsuccessful marriage it is important to focus on the positive things that are happening in your life now and will happen in the future. Just keep your positive attitude and smile!




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