How to Lose 2 Kilos / 4 lb This Weekend and Get Rid of Extra Weight

by Kremy

While some people chooses a diet for a week or two, a month or even more, you can get rid of a few extra pounds in a weekend. How to lose 2 kilos / 4 lb this weekend? Is losing weight in two days possible? Sure, it is! From simple dance moves in your living room to lazy workout in bed – it all depends on you!

How to lose 2 kilos / 4 lb this weekend?

How to Lose 2 Kilos / 4 lb This Weekend tips and ideas

You have gained a few pounds during winter, after a vacation or holidays like Easter or Christmas with festive meals and many irresistible culinary temptations? Well, then you are surely asking yourself how to lose 2 kilos / 4 lb this weekend? After all, everyone want to get in shape for the warm summer days, right?

Eat Healthy

healthy lifestyle how to lose weight


There is no need to exhaust your body with starvation, severe restriction or “water only days”. Of course, eating light and healthy food during the weekend is certainly the first thing to do. You don’t have to cook anything special. Simply include healthy food like salads, Mediterranean style meals, fish and grilled vegetables in your menu plan for the weekend. Skip beer and alcohol, soda, sweet drinks and processed food. If you feel an urge for something sweet, eat a fruit instead of cake.

Simple Dance Moves Improve Your Mood and Help Losing Weight

Simple Dance Moves Help Losing Weight

Our daily life is quite hectic and stressful. Dancing is a great way to relax and forget about all these irritating problems. Did you know that when you dance the level of serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness, increases? It has been scientifically proven that dancing relieves stress, improves mood and even strengthens the immune system. So, there is no need to fight stress with chocolate, especially if you want to lose 2 kilos / 4 lb this weekend. Just dance! Dancing is a versatile cardio workout. For example dancing salsa allows you to lose 400–500 kcal in just one hour.

How to lose 2 kilos 4 lb this weekend dance at home

What to dance at home? The Internet is full of dance video lessons, start with something that you always wanted to learn – the Waltz or Salsa, for example. The weekend is the perfect time to learn a few basic steps! Waltz and salsa are not your thing? Try Zumba, Folk dances, tap dance… there are so many options to choose from! You can even simply play your favorite music and dance as if nobody is watching! Ask the kids to dance with you on a Saturday morning, surprise them with your party mood! Dance while cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the living room, dusting the cabinets – this will make house chores so much more pleasant!

Walking In Nature

walking in nature is healthy

Walking in nature is important not only for weight loss, but also for your health in general. If you want to lose a couple of pounds for two days, take a walk! A walk in nature is not considered as an active sport, but it can benefit your body, help you lose weight and burn extra calories. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes, light sportswear made from natural materials and go for a walk. What are the benefits of walking in nature? Here are just a few:

  • the heart is strengthened;
  • muscles are working;
  • the cells of your body are saturated with oxygen;
  • metabolism is accelerated, respectively, food is digested much faster and better absorbed;
  • toxins are removed and you are cleansed from the inside, which contributes to fat burning;
  • the nervous system calms down;
  • skin color is improved.

Lazy Workout in Bed – Simple Exercises with Great Effect

Lazy Workout in Bed Simple Exercises

When you want to get rid of weight, you need to go to the gym. Do you, really? You can lose 2 kilos / 4 lb this weekend and it is not at all necessary to visit gyms. A lazy workout in bed with some simple sets of exercises will allow you to achieve your goal and return a beautiful figure.

morning Exercise on Bed

Everyone knows the benefits of morning exercises – they improve blood circulation, help speed up metabolism and tighten muscles. Exercise in bed can be very effective. If this thought seems strange, then you are mistaken. It is quite possible, without getting up, to burn fat and tone muscles. And for this it is not necessary to lift weights, the main thing is to keep the muscles in tension. What are the best exercises for workout in bed? Leg lifts, sit ups and crunches, push-ups, bridge exercises, scissor legs, leg circles, etc.

Daily Stretching Routine – Exercises for Losing Weight

Daily Stretching Routine Exercises for Losing Weight

Stretching invigorates no worse than strong coffee: it helps improving blood circulation and oxygen flow to organs and tissues, including the brain. A daily stretching routine will also improve your balance and coordination, relieve tension in your joints and muscles, and will help you lose weight. In general, if you want to start the day cheerfully and improve your well-being, do a series of stretching exercises for five minutes without getting out of bed. One of the greatest advantages of stretching exercises (that you can do in bed or while watching TV) is that they do not take much time and do not require any equipment. What type of stretching exercises can you include in your daily routine? Here is a short list – Knee to Chest, Seated forward bend, Legs-up-the-wall, Full-Body Stretch, “T” Twist, etc.



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