How to Throw a Bachelorette Party on a Budget? Find The BEST Ideas Here!

by Gabby

Are you getting married this Summer? That’s great news! Did you already start planning your bachelorette party? Yes, I know that it can be both stressful and expensive. Mine was actually last week and I can speak from my own experience. However, if you have great girlfriends like mine, the stress will disappear. Especially now when I tell you how to throw a bachelorette party ON A BUDGET! You don’t have to spend tones of money and you can still get the Instagrammable party of the year with your besties. Go ahead and keep on reading!

How to Throw a Bachelorette Party on a Budget? Find Out Now!

how to throw a bachelorette party on a budget ideas planner checklist diy

Whether you are the bride, or the best friend who is planning the party, you have to know that it’s very difficult to fit it into all the girls’ busy schedules. Because of that, my advice is to try to keep is simple as possible, so everyone could come and enjoy it. If you are having to come up with something great, but for less money, then we have to act fast! Let’s start planning!

Location, Location

where to throw a bachelorette party on a budget location ideas


We all dream of a destination, where we can go with the girls and have some fun. Especially if we can go with a private jet, just like in the movies, BUT… Just think about all the money you are going to spend on thickets, hotel rooms, food, etc. Does your head hurt just thinking about this? That’s why the best location for a bachelorette party on a budget would be somewhere where you don’t have to pay at all! You can do a picnic in the forest or in a park with a great view. You can bring mini tables from home, DIY them, or simply throw on blankets and decorate around however you like. You can bring pillows, flowers, candles, etc.

Best Places for a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

where to have a bachelorette party on a budget places ideas pool hen

If you want to have your hen party at a pool, that’s great. But as we already mentioned, you have to avoid destinations where you will spend money. What’s the solution here? Ask a friend, if they have a pool where you can throw your party freely and have fun with the girlies!

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How to Throw a Bachelorette Party at Home?

how to throw a bachelorette party on a budget at home diy cheap easy ideas

How to throw the most simple and cheap bachelorette party? Do it at home! Keeping it easy and effortless, you won’t need to spend much time planning, since you already have the location figured out. The decoration can be balloons, or you can DIY it from paper, but more on that later. If you feel like it, you can even cook your own food with your girlfriends and make it as homey as possible. That will bring you back in time, when you used to have sleepover parties with your girlfriends!

Food and Drinks for a Hen Party: Cheap Ideas

food and drinks for a bachelorette party diy recipes easy delicious

Staying on the topic of cheap ideas, our suggestion here is to not run to the stores and grabbing stuff, or even worst ordering custom-made cookies and cupcakes. That can be SUPER expensive. The ideal would be to make everything yourself at home. For the drinks, don’t go over the top with many choices. Ask the girls what are their preferences and just buy a drink that everyone like.

Easy Bachelorette Party Food Ideas

How to make delicious, easy and cute bachelorette party cookies? Check out this tutorial that is going to teach you exactly how to decorate them with ease! Ordering cookies can be really expensive, especially if you want decoration on them. Save yourself some money and do them yourself, or you can ask your girls to help you out!

Bachelorette Party Cupcake Ideas with Decoration

bachelorette party cupcake ideas decoration diy

Cupcakes are also a must for your bachelorette party. Homemade cupcakes are even better! All you will need is cupcake toppers that you can DIY or buy them, they are not expensive at all. You can also get edible golden foil for decoration.

Pink Drink for a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

drinks for bachelorette party ideas champagne with cotton candy pink

Normally, the theme of a bachelorette party is “everything pink”. For that, most of the women aim for pink drinks. How to get a budget friendly pink drinks for a bachelorette party? Cotton candy is your answer! You can get regular champagne and put cotton candy in the glass. It will give the drinks the desired pink color and sweetness.

DIY Bachelorette Party Decoration

diy bachelorette party decoration ideas on a budget friendly cheap easy to make

The most inexpensive thing about your hen party would be the decoration! Why? Because you can make everything yourself. You can use paper, balloons and different materials that will help you achieve perfection!

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas: Easy DIY Decoration

bachelorette party picture frame diy decor ideas on a budget cheap (1)

Party picture frames are popular and super cool for Instagram photos. You can easily make one from a cardboard and decorate it with real or fake flowers. You can also customize it however you want and write down something cute, like an inside joke for example!

easy homemade diy bachelorette party decoration unique ideas

If you want something cute that you can do in less than 10 minutes, then you have to try this one out! You can choose the colors depending on the theme of the party! It will not cost more than $10, which is great!

how to decorate cups for a bachelorette party budget friendly ideas cheap easy

Go grab plastic party cups from the store and decorate them with glitter. All you are going to need is glue and glitter. You can do it in pink as well!

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Fun Bachelorette Party Games

fun bachelorette party games ideas 2023

Games are essential, if you want to have a fun party that everyone remembers! The first suggestion is to ask your girls to write a story on a piece of paper that includes the future bride.  Then put all the pieces of paper in a cup and ask the bride to grab one. She has to read the story out loud and guess who is related to. If she guesses, the person who wrote it down should take a shot. If not, the bride has to take a shot!

Bachelorette Party Checklist Game Free to Download

bachelorette party checklist ideas free to download

We can’t talk about a hen party, without mentioning a party checklist. This one is pretty mild and it is only if you are planning to go out, because you have to involve strangers. Go ahead and download it!

truth or dare game bachelorette party ideas fun on a budget

The good old “truth or dare game”! You can make cards beforehand, so you can give them out to your girls. You won’t have to spend time thinking about what questions to ask.

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideasbachelorette party favor ideas on a budget

Bachelorette party favors are known for not being affordable. However, there are some cheap ideas that you can try out! You can buy regular wine or champagne glasses, which cost approximately $10, but you can even find them for less. Find a girlfriend that can draw and get her paint that’s suitable for glass. You can draw each girl and the bride on the glasses and give them out as your party favors.

Who Usually Pays for The Bachelorette Party?

Normally, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor are the ones that split the cost of the party. However, there are times that the bride is covering everything. You have to discuss this with the maid of honor beforehand, so you know how exactly to split the expenses.

What Is a Normal Amount to Spend on a Bachelorette Party?

If you are aiming for something on a budget, you will need not more than $500 for the entire party (all expenses included). Since you are not going to pay for a destination hen party, and you will DIY most of the things, this amount will be enough. Even if you want to double the amount, you will still not spend more than $1000. Just for a comparison, destination hen parties cost approximately $1900 per day!

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