DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box: Lovely Creations to Invite Friends Standing by You on the Special Day

by Snezhana Besarabova

A popular trend has emerged recently – to give away your bridesmaids a proposal box to make them feel loved and appreciated by you. This heartfelt gesture is a creative way to ask your close friends to stand by your side on your special day. It’s rather more personalized and interesting if you create some of the items in the box yourself. So, how can you make a DIY bridesmaid proposal box for your chosen friends?

How to Make a Bridesmaid Proposal Box for DIY Presents?

diy bridesmaid proposal box take a container and decorate pritty

Making up a personalized DIY bridesmaid proposal box is a delightful initiative. There are some suggestions for crafting a meaningful box that your close friends will appreciate:

  • Come up with a theme: Choose one, which suits your wedding style and how close is your friendship with the bridesmaid. This may be a rustic theme, vintage, modern, or even a weird one. To decide what will be useful when selecting items for the proposal box, consider things that will fit with the overall style.
  • Deciding the style of the Box: Select a beautiful and enough spacious container, where to place all the proposal goodies. You make take a decorative gift box, a stylish tote bag, why not to embellish even a wooden crate.
  • Add a personal touch: Personalize the box by writing in a pretty way your bridesmaids’ names or initials. It will be a good idea to use stickers, calligraphy letters, or custom-printed labels for this special moment of your life. This wonderful transformation will make your box feel truly exceptional.

DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas on a Budget

diy bridesmaid proposal box write a personalized inviting letter


Incorporate some DIY elements into your container with presents to express your personal feelings in a creative way. Thus, you can showcase your attitude and make the proposal even more exceptional:

  1. Handcrafted cards: Instead of searching to buy ordinary cards, let you create handmade ones. Make up craft ideas with ribbons, colored paper, and stickers to design admirable cards that your bridesmaids will look up to.
  2. Designed labels: Make your own labels for the proposal container, to add even more interest. Search for a suitable free software for designing your handsome labels for the mini champagne bottle, candy packages, and the other items.
  3. DIY cookies and sweets: Consider baking homemade cookies or making your own chocolate treats or sweets, instead of purchasing expensive and standard goodies. It will bring a personal touch and indicate in a charming way that you appreciate the bridesmaids, putting effort into creating these sweet treats.

What Do You Put in a Bridesmaid Proposal Box?

bridesmaid proposal box create a diy bridesmaid proposal box

Select gifts that are in harmony with your bridesmaids’ personalities and tastes. The better is to invent your idea of DIY bridesmaid proposal box, considering the favorite colors, scents, or hobbies of your special friends. A jewelry with a symbolic meaning, beauty products, or sentimental items are suitable for this kind of celebration.

  1. Handwritten note: Your message is probably the most significant part of the proposal box content. Try to write a heartfelt note for each bridesmaid, describing your feeling of gratitude, reminding cherished moments when you were together, and tell them why having them by your side on your wedding day means so much to you.
  2. Jewelry with sentimental value: Add a piece of jewelry or accessory with symbolic or sentimental importance. It could be remarkable earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or a hair accessory, which your bridesmaid to wear on your special day. This will remind her of your friendship and how important is she in your life.
  3. Sweetness: Include some sweet treats in the container with a few delightful ones. You can place there her favorite candies, cookies, or other delicious snacks, which will bring a smile to her face.
  4. Mini bottle of champagne: This item, reminding for the great day, is a must! Put a mini champagne bottle or sparkling cider in your celebrating container, along with the querying label: “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” It’s a creative way to share your excitement and to provoke a celebratory ambience.

When Should You Propose to Your Bridesmaids?

what should you put in a bridesmaid proposal box personalized items with labels

Choosing the suitable moment is important, when you decide to propose to your bridesmaids. It would be wise aiming to ask them at least six to eight months before the scheduled wedding day. The notice will give them enough time to think about the proposal, plan their participation, and then prepare for the most important day of your life. This is of great importance, especially if they need to travel for the wedding event or to plan their time off work. In case, you’re going to conduct the celebration on a far destination, you should ask them even earlier.

when should you propose to your bridesmaids choose the time 6 8 months before the wedding

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