Bridesmaid hairstyles – elegant hairdo ideas in different styles

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Bridesmaid hairstyles, when properly selected, are an important detail of the wedding ceremony. Girls who have the honor to be with the bride during the wedding should think about the best hairdo in advance. It should be in accordance with the theme of the wedding, stylish and elegant.

bridesmaids hairstyles half up half down ideas

Bridesmaids are usually the closest friends of the bride. They are a separate category in the guest list and despite the fact that they are not the main heroes of the whole celebration they have special duties, all bridesmaids should look elegant, stylish and beautiful. If you are looking for some pretty bridesmaid hairstyles for your own friends, this article will definitely help. Maybe you will be a bridesmaid yourself and looking for great ideas. Below we have some inspiring ideas for you. Take a look!

The rules of bridesmaid hairstyles – what is important to know

how to choose bridesmaids hairstyles


A beautiful hairstyle is undoubtedly a decoration for any girl. The hair should be well-groomed, without split ends and all sorts of crazy colors. The trend of recent years is naturalness! There are several unwritten rules for the bridesmaid hairstyles which you need to observe when you choose your hairdos.

The first and most important rule – the styling of the bridesmaid should be modest and simple. Remember that the bride is the star of the day and do not try to overshadow your best friend. You can consult with the future bride and the other bridesmaids for the theme and style and choose accordingly your appearance.

The choice of hairstyle will depend on the theme of the party. Whether retro, rustic, modern – remember that this is a festive and romantic event. For example, if the wedding theme is retro style, you can choose something simple and classic like a low bun or stylish waves.

Make sure that your hairdo is comfortable and you will not feel worried for your appearance during the ceremony and the reception.

Another consideration that you need to keep in mind is to match the style of the dress with the hairstyle. Typically, bridesmaid dresses are chosen from wedding salons or sewn to order and you can use the same decorations for your hair – rhinestones, flowers, pearls, stylish hairpins or hair clips, a ribbon woven into a braid – just make sure you do not use too much hair accessories.

Stylish bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair

awesome bridesmaids hairstyles updo half up half down

Evening hairstyles for long hair offer numerous opportunities for an elegant and stylish hairdo. There is no need all the bridesmaids to have one and the same hairdo. On the contrary, bridesmaid hairstyles should reflect the individuality of each girl and suit her face shape and personality. Of course, the rule for keeping the overall theme of the wedding should not be forgotten. Coquettish curls, stylish ponytail, beautiful braids, high styling – all these options are available for you to choose from.

hollywood waves wedding hairdo for bridesmaids

Hollywood waves are smooth and neatly arranged, exceptionally feminine and amazingly looking. This hairstyle is a good choice for small and quiet weddings without much activities.

curls hairstyles wedding bridesmaids ideas

Loose curls are another option which looks very romantic. Large curls or small curls – these are always a winning choice for your hair. You can make large curls for the entire length of the hair which will give it volume. You can decorate the curls with a flower on the side or a delicate hair clip but in general, loose curls look absolutely romantic.

Half up half down half updo hairstyles for wedding bridesmaids ideas

Half up half down hairstyle is the best choice when you want a simple hairdo that makes a statement. It is a versatile hairdo with many variations, equally suitable for rustic themed weddings, boho-chic weddings and even for elegant stylish weddings. The style works for any type of hair – straight, curly or wavy.

best braided hairstyle for bridesmaids wedding hairstyle ideas

Braids and weaving of any kind is a classic option, which is suitable for any wedding party. There are plenty of options and all of them look charming and braids can be combined with other hairstyles like half up, buns, knots, etc. Choose a look that best reflects the concept of the wedding.

bridesmaid updo hairstyles wedding hairstyles ideas

Updos are especially suitable for such events as weddings. This type of styling is extraordinarily spectacular and suitable for almost every girl. A high curly bun will give volume and will emphasize the line of the face, open the shoulders and neck.

wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids ponytail half up half down

Tails and buns are another popular option for bridesmaids. Ponytails can be styled in different ways – side ponytail, high or low ponytails, you can add a braid or a hair accessory and whichever way you choose, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable and absolutely irresistible!

hairstyles for bridesmaids high low bun

Buns always look incredibly feminine – high bun or low bun, messy bun or a bun with braids – you name it – the options for an elegant hairdo are numerous.

Bridesmaid hairstyles for medium and short hair

hairstyles for medium hair bridesmaids hairdos

Bridesmaid hairstyles for medium and short hair offer many choices from Greek styling, stylish plaits, a French twist, mischievous curls, gathered on the side or low buns, etc. Add a beautiful accessory for a touch of glamour and you are ready!

short hairstyles for bridesmaids

For girls with short hair, there are not so many hairstyles, but it is also possible to beautifully style your hair for this special event. Classic carres, stylish bobs, a pixie haircut with short bangs – all short haircuts are in fashionable and can become the basis for a beautiful evening hairstyle.

Look at the fantastic examples and the beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids that we selected for you.

stylish elegant updo with braid for bridesmaids

romantic hairstyles for bridesmads low bun with flowers

medium length hairstyles for bridesmaids with curls

hairstyles for bridesmaids for long hair

bridesmaid hairstyles ideas elegant updos

bridesmaid hairstyles updo elegant buns


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