Trendy shoulder length hairstyles – cool ideas for fashionable hairdos

by Kremy

medium hairstyles for straight hair with layers and bangs

Shoulder length hairstyles are the choice of many women who prefer to have their hair a little longer but not too long and those who do not have much time for styling but still would like to have a trendy hairdo. Defining the exact “shoulder length” is impossible, but most experts determine it as a length between the clavicles and the jaw line. However, some women prefer it a little bit longer which gives them more opportunities and freedom for experimenting with different hairstyles.

Hairstyles for shoulder length hair look fashionable, attractive and are quite diverse – from braids, buns, curls, waves, straight, leveled, etc. This hair length is appreciated by housewives, business and active women and when you want to change your look and try something new and exciting, a stylish hairstyle will always give you confidence and a trendy look. The best thing about medium long hair is that it is universal and versatile and is suitable for women of all ages, types of hair, face shapes and complexion. Shoulder length haircuts have an exquisite simplicity and stylish nobility and easily give you not only more elegance, refinement and femininity, but also can hide unnecessary facial features. Whether you need a quick and easy hairdo or an elegant hairstyle for an evening event, you can choose from the options that we selected for you in the image gallery.


How to choose shoulder length hairstyles according to the shape of the face?


medium hairstyles with french braid


As you probably know, there are several face shapes – round, oval, oblong, heart, rectangular, square, triangular, diamond. The choice of a haircut should begin with an accurate examination of your face. Stand in front of a mirror, without make-up, in good light and collect your hair in a pony tail. Look closely at the three strategic points – the chin, the eye zone and the forehead. Here are some tips for the most common face shapes:

Almost any haircut is suitable for an oval shaped face. Try, however, to avoid loose straight hair as it makes the face appear longer.

Those of you who have a round face should choose hairstyles which visually narrow the face. Elongated haircuts are ideal, gentle waves, graduating cascades – these are among the most benefical hairdos for round face.

A square face will benefit from elongated haircuts below the shoulder level, with graduation at the ends, with a side cut. Avoid smooth hairstyles that end up to the jaw line, lush curls.

Rectangular face shape needs a haircut with will make it appear softer. The most flattering for this face will be elongated haircuts, curls, waves, hairstyles with bangs, softly enveloping face, layered haircuts, soft and bulky, combining volume on the sides of the face.

Triangular face will look best if you choose a haircut that will balance the narrow part of the face. Curly hair or a classical bob or a variation with a parting on the side will be most beneficial. Avoid very short and hairstyles with a combed back hair which will expose the face.


Shoulder length hairstyles for a fashionable look every day


bob haircut for women shoulder length hairstyle

Shoulder length bob haircuts give the hair volume and lengthen the neck, hiding all the imperfections of the face. This is one of the most diverse haircuts with multiple variations – from traditional to asymmetric or elongated. It works for wavy, curly and straight hairs and gives a special chic to any woman. As much as the classic bob remains popular, there are some eye catching variations – elongated bob with asymmetric hair strands in the front, or with a bang. Longer bobs are very feminine and elegant and allow you to create a different look every morning. Layered bob haircuts give your appearance a dynamic and vivid look. The popularity of bob haircut among women is understandable because it can satisfy every taste and is suitable for every age. The main thing is to choose the right variation. A bob looks good on thick hair and even if you have thin hair, this haircut will be a perfect choice. If you have a broad forehead, then you need a bang. A bob with a bang looks very attractive and was very popular in the 60-70’s. One great advantage of bob haircut is that curly hairs styled in this way looks fashionable without any additional efforts and complex styling.


Cascade hairstyles layered haircut for straight hair

Shoulder length cascade haircuts are ideal for any face shape and for different types of hair – thin and thick, straight and curly. This type of hairdo is based on layering the hair and for the last years layered haircuts appear more and more often. Layers add volume to the hair and the hair can be cut in different ways – with smooth transitions or with more expressive difference in the length of the strands. With the help of modeling styling products, girls can emphasize the beauty of their hairstyle. You can experiment with different types of styling by using curling irons, hairdryers, curlers and etc. A variation of the cascade is the Italian haircut which is exclusively feminine, with a fantastic silhouette.

Shoulder length asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical haircuts are amazing and the best way to express your individuality. The hair is cut at different lengths and this is a great option for women who would like to create a unique image. Asymmetric versions of classic bob are ideal for shoulder length hair and for a greater effect you could highlight (or dye) which will add a dramatic effect. The haircut is the perfect choice for women with round shaped faces as it visually lengthens the face. It should be remembered, however, that maintaining a well-groomed asymmetrical hairstyle requires regular visits to a beauty salon.

Shoulder length hairstyles for curly hair

Shoulder length hairstyles for curly hair are incredibly romantic, tender and feminine. Curly hair has a special structure and requires careful maintenance. However, you can experiment in front of the mirror and decide whether you will choose a bob or an elongated haircut. A perfect option is the multi-layered haircut or variations of cascade. It emphasizes the natural shape of the curls and can be combined with different types of bangs or without a bang.



Italian cascade hairstyle for medium length hair

bob hairstyle for medium long hair

wavy hair styles medium length

shoulder length haircuts for straight hair

Medium length layered haircut with side swept bang

layered haircuts for shoulder length curly hair

how to style medium length hair

hairstyles for medium length wavy hair

elegant hairdo for medium hair

curly hair medium length styles

cool medium length curly hairstyles for thick hair

bob with bangs for shoulder length hair


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