Christmas hairstyles – elegant ideas for long, medium and short hair

by Kremy

Christmas hairstyles add to the festive spirit of the holidays. When you think how to style your hair for Christmas Eve celebration, you can let your imagination run wild. This event gives women the opportunity to become bolder and to create a perfect glamor look.

hairstyles for christmas party medium length hair flower hair clip

During the holiday season there are many Christmas parties – corporate events, gatherings with friends and family, with partners and customers, so women have the chance to dress up and get away from their daily image. Have you already chosen a beautiful dress? If so, you can look for a matching hairstyle. The perfect hairstyle does not depend on the cut and the color of the dress, but also on your face shape and hair length. Try out different styles and haircuts and find out which one suits you best. We have selected some of the best hairstyle ideas for you!

Christmas hairstyles – ideas for long and medium hair length

hairstyles for christmas blonde hair waves


Christmas Eve celebrations give you the perfect opportunity to try something different with your hair. If you normally wear your hair loose, you can try something that will make you look absolutely stunning. The perfect option and one of the most glamorous Christmas hairstyles will be cute curls of all sizes. Large curls or small curls – they always look festive, vivid and lively. Waves and braids will also look very beautiful. After all, braids remain at the peak of popularity for many seasons. How about a gorgeous bun? This is a hairstyle for all occasions and can be both smart and casual.

christmas party hairstyles ideas shoulder length hair

Medium hair length also provides many opportunities – you can tie the hair in a bun, tail, braids or decorate it with an accessory. You can try a braided bun or some other cute Christmas hairstyle. Curls and waves look great on strands of medium length. This is a very romantic and elegant hairstyle which suits all women without exception.

Christmas hairstyles for short hair

christmas party hairstyles for short hair

Christmas hairstyles for short hair usually feature hairdos which will give your hair more volume by applying root-lift spray and blow back. True, the options for short hair are more limited but still you can create a glamorous look. A pixie haircut is very feminine and reveals the face, emphasizes the forehead and cheekbones. In addition, it is suitable for many girls. Styling such a haircut will not create difficulties as it’s quite simple and fast. You can try asymmetric hairstyles which look quite interesting as well. Color accents and bangs will also change your overall image, so you can add a streak of color for your Christmas party hairdo.

Christmas hairstyles – how to use accessories

hairstyles for christmas party knot and accessories

Using hair accessories is a good idea because they can make even the simplest hairstyle look elegant and festive. Accessories like beads, rims, ribbons, tiaras and clippings can significantly add to any Christmas hairstyle so do not be afraid to use them – after all this is the perfect time to add some glamour, isn’t it!



hairstyles for christmas party long hair braid

hairstyles for christmas low bun

hairstyles for christmas festive hairdo ideas

Festive hairstyle for women Christmas party ideas

Elegant Christmas hairstyles for long hair

cute christmas hairstyles twisted messy blonde bun

Christmas hairstyle for long hair bun and curls

charming ponytail and white ribbon christmas party hairstyles

adorable christmas hairstyles for long hair


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