Short hairstyles for round faces – flattering and feminine haircut ideas

by Kremy

haircuts for round faces short asymmetrical bob with bangs

Short hairstyles for round faces can look exceptionally beautiful and feminine and when you choose the right haircut, it can emphasize all the advantages and disguise the shortcomings of your appearance. Choosing the ideal hairstyle is a very important thing, and perhaps, it is more difficult for women with round faces because the choice is more or less limited. Many women consider the round face to be a significant drawback of their appearance and mistakenly think that most modern haircuts will not suit them. However, this is not an impossible task and you should not to give up trendy hairdressing. We have selected some of the best ideas to inspire you.

What type of haircuts you need to avoid if you have a round face? When we talk about short haircuts we need to accent that some types of haircuts are not appropriate and will make the face appear broader. You should avoid blow back styling and hairdos which create volume on the sides. Another hair styling which is not recommended is straight bangs especially for women with thin short hair, although there are exceptions to the rule. In addition, try to avoid straight haircuts where the end line of the hair is along the line of the chin.

Short hairstyles for round faces – how to emphasize the benefits of your face?


haircuts with bangs for round face


A round face is not a disadvantage, but a virtue that needs to be properly emphasized. The main task that short hairstyles need to perform is to visually correct the existing shortcomings of appearance, to “extend” the face, to give the lines symmetry and harmony. A round face always attracts close attention for its softness, smoothness and extreme femininity. One simple trick which will help you elongate the face is the cascading bang which looks very stylish. A smooth cascade perfectly corrects the shape of the face. Short hair should serve as a frame but not add volume. Therefore, light hair and long earrings will help to stretch the face visually. Asymmetrical hairstyles are a spectacular and winning option facesas well. Make sure that the haircut is covering the cheeks. Fashionable haircuts for round faces are extremely diverse and each woman can choose for herself the ideal hairstyle.

Short hairstyles for round faces – graduated, pixie or bob?

blonde and highlights short haircuts with bangs for women

When your choice is a short haircut you can choose from some classic haircuts with a modern twist.

Carre remains one of the most popular hairstyles and there is a huge number of variations – classical, asymmetrical with an elongation, combinations between a bob and a carre, etc. Women with round faces will look stunning with a ragged or asymmetrical bang.

Fashionable pixie haircuts are playful and naughty and the pixie is considered one of the most popular short hairstyles ever. If you have chosen a pixie hairdo pay special attention to the neck – it should be tall and lush.

Bob is extremely feminine and elegant haircut, which is great for women of different ages. For round faces, when the task is to smooth the round contours, the best option is an elongated haircut reaching below chin level. Multilayered haircut or asymmetry will distract attention from the round face and smooth out the face line.



stylish haircut with elongated bangs women with round face

stylish haircuts for round face with bangs

short hairstyles with bangs for women with round face

Short hairstyles for round faces asymmetric bangs

short hair for round faces with bangs

short haircuts with bangs for round faces

Short haircuts for round faces with bangs

hairstyles for round face bob with short bangs

cute pixie haircut round face

cool hairstyles for women with round face short bobs

blonde short hairstyles with bangs for round faces

asymmetrical short haircuts for round faces


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