Short Curly Hair for Round Face: What Are The Best Face-Framing Hairstyles?

by Gabby

Ladies with round face shape often think that this is a disadvantage, when it comes to haircuts. Add natural curly hair to this equation and you will get even worst results… Absolutely not! I am here to tell you that round face shape and natural curly hair is pure perfection and you should be proud for having both. Now, there are little tricks that you can adapt so you can make your hair and face look even better. How to start? Cut your hair short! Let’s talk about short curly hair for round face!

Short Curly Hair for Round Face: What Are The Best Face-Framing Hairstyles?

curly bob hairstyle for round face with side bangs

Not everyone is lucky enough to have these flawless curls! I have straight hair and I have always dreamed of having natural curly hair that will give me the ideal volume and make me look flawless! I truly envy the girlies who wear their curls proudly! Contrary to popular belief, in 2023 short curly hair is easy to maintain and style. Not only that, but it looks fashionable and trendy! If you have round face shape, it is time to learn what are the best hairstyles that will frame your face and give you the transformation you need! First tip to adapt: Take the plunge and adapt side bangs that will give your rounded cheeks the snatched look that we all want! Let’s check the rest of the haircuts!

Does Short Curly Hair Look Good on Round Faces?

Forget about what people tell you all the time! According to many hair experts, short curly hair looks amazing on women with round faces. Not only that, short curly hairstyles can do the perfect job of framing the face and change your entire appearance. If you are bold enough to try bangs, then the results will be even better, since they will give that slimming effect to your cheeks. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different hair colors as well.

short curly hair for round face women hairstyle trends 2023


Very Short Curly Hair for Round Faces: Undercut Womens Bob

women undercut bob hairstyle for curly hair round face

Undercut was considered strictly for men! Well, 2023 is all about the big changes and we are here for them! If you are a fan of very short hairstyles, then this one can compliment your round face and natural curls in the best way possible! Yes, this is a bold choice to say the least. But being brave sometimes can help you achieve the ideal look! You can always style your curls at the top with some texturizing cream or moose.

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50

short curly hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces

Women over 50 with curly hair can take the lead and feel lucky! Why? Because when we mature, we can often experience hair thinning, which leaves the hair looking dull and with less volume. But women with natural curls will always have the volumizing effect without having to style their mane. Sounds amazing right? What hairstyle to adapt to guarantee yourself a trendy look? Try something short and asymmetrical as shown on the picture! To ensure a unique appearance, you can cut side-swept curly bangs that will accentuate your facial features.

Short Curly Hair for Round Chubby Faces: Pixie Bob Haircut

pixie haircut for curly hair women with round face shape


If you want to try something sassy for Spring/Summer 2023, the Pixie bob hairstyle is for you! The short curly Pixie cut cannot go without trendy bangs that will do wonders when it comes to framing the face. This hairstyle can make your rounded cheeks appear less wide, and slim them with minimal effort. The Pixie will emphasize on your eyes and will draw attention from your cheeks and chin.

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Short Haircuts for Fine Curly Hair and Round Faces

short haircuts for fine curly hair and round faces

Even though curly hair always appears fuller, it can sometimes be thin and we have to do something about it! How to make it look thicker? A-line bob haircut is your answer! Shorter at the end, voluminous at the top, it can really transform your hair! Baby bangs can also help and add more sparkle and va va voom!

Short Haircuts for Thick Curly Hair and Round Faces

short haircuts for thick curly hair and round faces

For girls with thick hair, you can either embrace it and love it, or you can lift some of the weight off by chopping it short. Curls go with every hair length, contrary to popular belief. You can cut a nice fringe to highlight your facial features in the best way possible. If you also have a round face shape, it is best to adapt curtain or side swept bangs.


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