2023 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet – Who Were the Best- and Worst-Dressed Women on the Côte d’Azur

by Stephanie Yankova

The 2023 Cannes Film Festival has begun, and the opening night was a star-studded red-carpet extravaganza! Every year we get to witness some of the most phenomenal attire from the leading names in the fashion industry, as well as spectacular designs from up-and-coming designers and the sight is nothing short of astonishing! This year on the first day of the festival the 60-feet long red carpet welcomed some of the giants of the movie industry such as Helen Mirren, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Johnny Depp, and Michael Douglas who received an Honorary Palme d’Or as a celebration for his remarkable career. Other well-known celebrities who walked up the 24 steps to the Palace of Festivals and Congress where the annual award ceremony is held, were Naomi Campbell, Alessandra Ambrosio, the star of the hit HBO show “The White Lotus” Simona Tabasco, and many others! The red carpet has always been a place for the stars to showcase their unique style, unveil their individuality and make a statement, be it a fashion or political one. During the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, we witnessed some jaw-dropping looks, however, the fashion mistakes did not go unnoticed either! Let’s take a look at the fashion follies of the night and see who won the Palme d’Or on the red carpet!

elle fanning alexander mcqueen gown cannes film festival 2023 red carpet looks

The Best-Dressed Women at the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

elle fanning cannes 2023 red carpet alexander mcqueen cartier best dressed


Elle Fanning stunned in a custom-made Alexander McQueen soft pink tulle dress with a stunning Paris net and a crystal embroidery corset and Cartier jewelry!

Fan BingBing

fan bingbing christopher bu cannes film festival 2023 fashion looks red carpet

The “Green Night” Chinese actress Pan Bingbing made a phenomenal appearance on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with a custom Christopher Bu gown. The fabric print illustrates an image of tigers fighting in the Chinese tropical rainforest, which may not be exemplary for the French Riviera, however, the homage she paid to her roots is worthy of admiration!

Uma Thurman

uma thurman dior haute couture cannes film festival 2023 red carpet fashion looks day 1

The “Kill Bill” megastar Uma Thurman appeared on the red carpet in a stunning rose ash silk Dior Haute Couture dress and a mesmerizing contrasting silk red cape!

Cindy Bruna

cindy bruna act no1 cannes film festival fashion red carpet looks oversized suit

The half-Congolese, half-Italian model Cindy Bruna showed up on the red carpet in a two-piece oversized tartan suit by Act. No1 and highlighted one of the biggest fashion trends of the year!

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Razane Jammal

razane jammal dior couture cannes red carpet 2023 fashion loks best dressed

Razane Jammal, most famous with her role in the Netflix series “The Sandman”, wowed the Cannes red carpet viewers in a milky white Dior Couture dress with crystal embellishments.

Pom Klementieff

pom klementieff atelier versace cannes film festival 2023 day 1 red carpet look

If you are wondering where you’ve seen her face before, Pom Klemetieff is a famous French actress who became popular worldwide through her role as Mantis in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. She wore an elegant violet vinyl Atelier Versace gown which definitely stood out amongst the rest of the fashion choices of the night!

Paola Turani

paola turani paolo sebastian cannes film festival 2023 red carpet fashion gown looks best dressed

The model and influencer Paola Turani wore a classic chic white Paolo Sebastian dress.

Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell celine cannes film festival 2023 red carpet gown look

The annual unprecedented start of the Cannes Film Festival red carpet is no other than Naomi Campbell. She blessed the spectators with a dazzling fashion choice of a silver Celine gown.

Esha Gupta

esha gupta santoni cannes film festival 2023 day 1 red carpet appearance fashion moments

Daring and elegant, the Indian actress Esha Gupta appeared in a jaw-dropping white Santoni shirt gown with a drop shoulder and flower accents.

Alessandra Ambrosio

alessandra ambrosio elie saab cannes film festival day 1 red carpet fashion looks

The supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio made her Cannes appearance in a crystal-embellished hooded Elie Saab gown.

The Worst Dressed Women on the First Day of the Cannes Film Festival

simona tabasco lanvin dress cannes film festival 2023 fashion looks day 1 red carpet appearance

I must admit, I do have a soft spot for Simona Tabasco after her brilliant role in “The White Lotus”, however, when it comes to fashion I put all the favoritism aside. Her Lanvin dress, even though it comes from the oldest fashion house in France, was simply unfit for the caliber of the movie award festival. This lace front dress is something we would much rather see at an after-party rather than on the red carpet.

Helen Mirren

helen mirren del core cannes film festival 2023 red carpet fashion outfits gowns

This shade of purple is undoubtedly one of the trendiest colors for 2023, however, her Del Core dress and matching violet hair were a little bit overwhelming, and we simply did not enjoy this combination.

Gong Li

gong li alaia cannes film festival 2023 red carpet gown look

The Alaia dress Gong Li used for her Cannes red carpet appearance was an odd choice which unfortunately did not achieve the effect we assumed she desired.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

catherine zeta jones elie saab couture cannes film festival red carpet dress look

The only note we would give to Catherine Zeta-Jones on her Elie Saab Couture dress is that, although stunning, there is an age-old rule that we stand by – don’t wear red that matches the red carpet.

Brie Larson

brie larson chanel cannes film festival 2023 red carpet look

Brie Larson is a member of the jury of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and made her red-carpet appearance on the first day in a Chanel gown. While we do love the top part of the dress and the clever interplay with the pattern and the earrings, the bottom part looked scrunched up and unpresentable.

Araya Hargate

araya alberte hargate jean paul gaultier day 1 cannes film festival 2023 red carpet fashion looks

The Jean Paul Gaultier dress that the actress Araya Hargate choose for the red carpet on the first day at Cannes quite frankly reminds us of those Barbie doll cakes we used to have as kids. The corset accentuates her silhouette brilliantly, however, the bottom part looks like a pile of whipped cream, so it’s a no from us.

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